Spring is here and CAPS has wrapped up their first investigation of 2015!  
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About CAPS
Thank you for your interest in CAPS.  We are just your average people who love to investigate the paranormal and have been doing so for nearly 5 years. We do not consider ourselves experts, and sometimes have to question those who believe they are!  We are skeptical anytime we go into an investigation, preferring  to let the experience and evidence convince us rather than just the stories and history. I know everyone says that but it is true in this case!   We do tend to get an inordinate number of EVPs, perhaps because of the many hours that we record, and the painstaking manner in which we review evidence. We use basic equipment like audio recorders, meters, cameras, spirit boxes and  video equipment  but try not to get too bogged down with all of that for fear we may miss out on that rare personal experience.  

It is a hobby for us and we love to share everything we have and love for others to share with us. Feel free to send us any evidence you have, we would be glad to look at it and post it if desired. 


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Thanks and welcome to CAPS!

Welcome to CAPS!!!

Recent Investigations

2015 wouldn't be complete without an investigation at the Original Springs Hotel.  This year we finally got to spend time in what is now our new favorite room!  Check out the Spirit box and EVP recordings as well as the Video we captured in Room 328.

If you ever find yourself lost in the Vermilion Triangle, you know you can't be very far away from the Rossville Haunted Opera House.  What an adventure it turned out to be!

We wrapped up our summer investigations with a trip to Thornhaven Manor in New Castle Indiana. This was truly a great place to visit, but pretty sure I wouldn't want to live there...  Thornhaven2014 

Had a fantastic time at the Ashmore Estates in Ashmore Illinois.  Special "Thanks" to the new owner Robbin Terry and all his hard work cleaning and repairing before our arrival.  Had to be the best investigation of the summer so far...  

Borromeo Cemetery, Saint Charles Missouri

Photo by Dave Roberts