Graveyard X, Anderson Cemetery, Nov. 2011

Investigators: Trish and Dave

Weather: mid 50's with a cold blustery wind

Will the real Graveyard/Cemetery "X" please stand up!
Christian County actually boosts two Anderson Cemeteries which people claim to be the infamous and haunted Cemetery X; one can be found near the little hamlet of Clarksdale, and the other just outside of Palmer. Now that we have finally visited both locations I can tell you what I found.
It was back in May I found myself wandering through a quarter mile of cow pastures knee deep in bramble in search of this place. It is not visible from the road as it is hidden in a grove of trees and other overgrowth. It actually is a beautiful albeit a bit sad place to visit, and after spending a couple peaceful hours well away from civilization we were unable to document any paranormal activity.
There is no public access to this location so if you want to check it out, you will need to ask permission from the nearby farmer, (but I wouldn't suggest you tell him the reason for your visit). The other recommendation I'd make is don't wear shoes that aren't Wash-n-Wear, and certainly don't wear shorts!
The "Palmer" Anderson Cemetery location was a little less perilous. Trish and I arrived a little before dusk to get a good look at the place before darkness fell. The cemetery has a clear demarcation between old and new sections, with much older gravesites being located on the northern third. It is surrounded by woods on two sides with a creek running just to the west. We crossed the eerie bridge just before we got there which we believe to be known as "Witches Bridge" with its own claims of activity.
Early in the investigation we were approaching a stone bench in the older section when suddenly Trish had a sick feeling come over her. She described it as a headache and an awful taste in her mouth. Once she left that section she instantly felt better. 
Just after dark Trish heard a loud meowing sound and the rustling of vegetation coming from the dense northern woods. I was on the phone at the time but Trish said it was coming towards us. Having thoughts of the large ghostly black panthers purportedly prowling some of the cemeteries in this region, we got ready to run. That was until I spotted this kitten-sized animal about 20 yards away. It eventually made its way back to the forest but continued to make its self known vocally for some time afterwards. It seemed like it wanted us to follow it into the woods. We respectfully declined the invite on this night!!
Trish then went back to the car to warm up and likely to pull herself back together after the terrifying confrontation with the demon kitty. After a few minutes had elapsed I turned around looking from the old section towards the car which was parked in the center of the sight and saw a black shape walking in the direction of the vehicle. 
After turning away, it dawned on me that Trish had been in the car for at least 3-4 minutes. When I turned back around nothing was there. A possible trick of the mind given the circumstances of the evening.
Before leaving I decided to take a walk to the newer section and as I walked by the car, Trish thinking I was going to get in, unlocked the door with her keyless entry. (I think she was eager to go). Of course the lights flashed twice with its peculiar orang-ish color. After realizing I was continuing my jaunt across the lonely grounds, she decided to secure the locks again. About two minutes later the car lights flashed again all by themselves, this time a greenish color which she had never seen before. Her keys were even sitting on the dashboard at that time!!
Being such a cold, windy night we left shortly thereafter but as I was walking around alone I did have a really unsettling feeling. We can't wait to go back on a little warmer, calmer day in the near future, and see what the other CAPS members can conclude.

Directions:  (from Interstate 55)

Take the IL-104 exit, EXIT 82, toward Pawnee/Auburn. 12 miles.

Make a right onto Co Rd 600 (E Main St) 

(It is the road immediately before Casey's)
Go 6.9 miles and you will have to go left.( E.990 North Rd.)
Go half a mile and it is the first left, just past witches bridge. 

Can't miss it, but beware of the Demon Cat!!!


At about 3 seconds, strange male voice captured before I speak... "Hey"?