Elkhart Cemetery, Elkhart, Illinois  May 2012

http://graveyards.com/IL/Logan/elkhart/  http://www.angelfire.com/il/ghostsociety/elkhart.html

Investigators: Trish, Vicki, and Dave
Weather- comfortable 80 degrees, calm wind, clear skies

We have heard many stories about this beautiful cemetery from fellow investigators, some serious and some who just like the thrill of visiting burial grounds in the middle of the night.  Having heard these from so many colleagues we decided to check it out for ourselves.
Elkhart Cemetery is located in Logan County between Springfield and Lincoln Illinois. We have seen fascinating photographic evidence including a red colored apparition ducking behind a tombstone, pictures of misty figures, and intriguing audio recordings.  Experiences from our acquaintances include: hearing voices, feeling like they were being followed, seeing shadow figures, and strange lights.  One group who we consider extremely reliable told of an incident one night when the back window of their car was tapped on with no one around.  This happened twice before they broke the speed limits towards the exit!  
The location is most well known for being the burial site of a former Governor and Senator Richard Oglesby who served during the 1860's and 1870's.  He was interred there in 1899.  It is said that the former governor's wife often appears at the Oglesby Mausoleum as she is also buried there along with one of their sons.  Legend also has it that an Indian apparition makes frequent appearances, with Elkhart Hill having once been the domain of the historic Kickapoo tribe.
We arrived after shortly after dark and went our separate ways as to cover as much ground as we could since the bugs were feasting on us.  Vicki headed immediately towards center of the grounds where the beautiful St; John the Baptist Chapel is located, while Trish and I headed towards the outer reaches near the woods which literally surround the cemetery.  It would be from these woods that most of the activity and noises seemed to occur, particularly the woods to west, and south. 
All night long sounds would haunt our trio from the area behind the Chapel.  While walking along the western stretch of the cemetery, I clearly heard the footsteps of someone walking in the woods and swore I saw a light in the trees, but nothing was there.  Trish also saw mysterious lights emanating from this area and heard noises as if something was being thrown at her from the trees.  
After covering the cemetery thoroughly and taking hundreds of pictures and hours of audio recordings, we regrouped at the car, which was parked at the southern end of the cemetery.  We all had a strong feeling that something was building and that it was in our best interest to pack our gear and leave the premises.  While we were doing so the car lights flashed and the car beeped as if the keyless entry had been pressed.  We could not explain this because no one had the keys in their hands?.  Amazingly within seconds it happened again!!  We knew we had received our sign that it was time to go!  
Just before getting in the car we heard the loudest sound of the night, like limbs breaking or very loud footsteps and Trish thought she saw a shadowy figure lurking at the edge of the woods.  Needless to say we ended our investigation, but following the words of the legendary General George S. Patton "I shall return!"