The following are a just a sampling of the various EVPs* photographs and videos we have collected during our investigations.  If you want to hear, see, and read more check out our Investigations Pages.

*EVPs - Electronic Voice Phenomenon:
In lay terms these are voices that can be picked up by about any type of recorder, but are often not heard at the time of the recording.  Like anything involving the paranormal, their interpretation depends on the individual.  It may be necessary to use headphones for a clearer experience as we attempt not to introduce artifacts through atrificial audio enhancement techniques.

Virgil Hickox Home, Springfield, IL

During our September investigation, we caught this ladies voice on the staircase.

 Caught this one in the library area on the first floor.  Wonder which "Dave" he's referring to...

 This photograph was captured by Chris Mason of Urban Paranormal at the end of 2011.  The image on the left hand side of the photo has been enlarged and enhanced.  Thanks for letting us show this Chris!!!

This photograph was a timer shot taken without a flash by two investigators. The face in the enhancement appears to match the face in an old picture we found in the home.

Black Moon Manor, November 2011

While investigating Black Moon Manor we experienced a significant number of issues with our equipment.  Despite these potentially non-paranormal issues, we were able to capture this very compelling phenomenon on one of our video cameras. 
The camera was placed in the funeral parlor and allowed to record, (digitally onto an SD card) while we investigated other areas of the house.  This particular piece of equipment was a Vivitar Night Vision recorder that does not utilize IR or other light sources.  At approximately 24 minutes into the recording, you could hear one of our investigators speak as she is about to check on the camera.  As you hear her footsteps approaching from two rooms away, the camera captured something moving across the screen from the right hand side of the fireplace.  Before it reaches the middle of the screen however it completely disipates. 
This clip also includes the point when our investigator eventually does enter the room and you can see how distinctly different her flashlight looks compared to whatever was captured just ten seconds prior. This clip also includes a slowed and brightness/contrast enhance replay of the phenomenon.

Vinegar Hill Mall

While investigating a narrow corridor off the back staircase, we began experiencing cold chills.  My fellow investiagtor decided to try a little "provoking" and we captured this rather direct response.

Alton, Illinois, October 2010

Vicki's first investigation and she is listening to the digital recorder through headphones while Zach is performing an EVP session.  Dave and Trish are on the other side of the room.  Take a listen and decide if we got something... Okay?

Sulphur Springs Cemetery

Can hear a little girls voice, then a male whispery voice saying  he's trapped.  Girl could be saying "don't leave, don't leave". Hard to say but Trish and I were the only ones within miles.

Eldred House October 30, 2010

The following clips were taken during our very first investigation at the historic Eldred House in Eldred Il. during an American Ghost Society event.  Although there were a lot of people around that night these did standout while reviewing the evidence and we could not account for these recordings.

Trish and I were alone in the cellar packing up the equipment and stated we were leaving.  I had a camera running with a bright light so if it says "can the lights go too" like I believe it makes sense. There is a dispute amongst CAPS members as to what it says however. You judge!

An individual was conducting a  session with dowsing rods and asked if a particular entity was there.  Do you believe she got an answer?

Leaving the cellar area.  Although there is a lot of contamination there is a whispery female voice different from the rest.

Hickox House 5/13 whispery voice around .4 says Help Me.

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