The Virgil Hickox Home

Over the last several years we have logged hundreds of hours of recordings in this historic home and have collect a multitude of EVPs. 

Recently we were encouraged to simply post some of our favorites for the listening pleasure of our members, without going into our usual full report format.

Below is just a sampling of those recordings and we hope you enjoy them...


One of the first time I was in the house alone and recorded what I thought was a pretty one sided conversion...  Turned out it wasn't!

At about 5sec - "??? sent me here"

At about 10sec - "I'll stay up here..."


Another isolated recording with no one around...

At about 2sec - "I think ?a bit?"


Captured by Carl Jones' Community College Class, 2012

They captured the sounds of Children at play, although his students certainly weren't that young...

Captured by CAPS while we had our friend Kevin singing and playing his guitar. At about 8 seconds a female voice... 
Captured by the Isis Paranormal during one of their first visits.  Don't think we've ever caught anything like this ourselves!

Captured by CAPS in 2011

At about 3 seconds...  "Mac-Naw"?


Captured by CAPS in Feb 2012

Sounds like a southern accent at about 3 seconds...  "Husband"?


Captured by CAPS in May of 2013

Response to Dave...  "Help Me" at 4 seconds


Dave and Mark are alone upstairs middle of the day.  Dave

clearly hears a voice because he repeats it! Slowed down sounds like "hey".


Dan is walking through a very cluttered area of the Hickox with Andy. Apparently around 3 seconds a spirit is giving a warning saying "watch walkin' through here.." Also around 10 seconds the same voice says "what".


Isolated recording without anyone in the room...    Seems this one really want me to leave...

At about 3sec - "I Love you"


This was captured by Trish and Vicki when they we in the house alone for the first time...  Talking how brave they were?

At about 3secs - "Let's scare them...Want to?


Captured by Carl Jones' Community College Class, 2012

They captured the sounds of Children at play, this one sounded like the kids were having some sort of race...  "Ready...Set...Go!"


Captured by CAPS in 2012.  Sounds like a little girl may start earlier, but pretty strong at about 6-9 seconds.  Could it be Alice?


Captured by the Lanphier Paranormal Club in Sept 2012.

At about 4 seconds...  Answer is..."Come Here..."


Captured by CAPS in 2011.

Response to request to play ball...  Something at 4 seconds....?


Captured by CAPS in July 2012

"Pulse" at around 6 seconds...  Not Dave or his Brother...


Captured by the Lanphier Paranormal Club in May 2013

Sound like the Name "Warren" at about 4 seconds

Earlier in the evening  Joey captured an EVP saying "Olive" or "Oliver".   Shari gets a response at around 3 seconds, sounds like a male saying "sure enough"!
Kevin and Dave alone in room at top of staircase. At 3 seconds furniture is being moved, creepy laugh at 6 seconds and then more noises in the room with them at 12 an 18 seconds!