Thanks to all the LPC members of 2011-2012!
Because of all of your efforts you made this a great first year!
Keep searching for the truth one investigation at a time.

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2011-2012 Meeting Minutes

May 1st, 2012

The students listened to recordings they had captured from the Auburn and Lincoln Theater investigations.  EVPS were caught by Kaylee and Cali.  They also saw some interesting pictures from Auburn taken by Kaylee. 

Laura Richter “Ghost Magnet” who is marketing director with American Ghost Society and a member of various other paranormal groups did a presentation called “Analyze This”.   The students were shown a variety of videos, and pictures and listened to several EVPs.  They were asked to determine the authenticity of the evidence and discuss their thoughts.  It was an excellent presentation with cool evidence and thought provoking discussion.  Some students stayed after to discuss the topic of individual sensitivity to the paranormal. 
  Our last meeting of the 2011-2012 LPC will be May 17th

April 12th, 2012

Mr. Roberts discussed the upcoming calendar and Lincoln Theater investigation coming up on April 20th.  The students were shown the LPC pages on the CAPS website for the Iles and Auburn Theater investigations, including a fascinating picture and several good evps.

John Winterbauer of the American Ghost Society and Decatur Haunted Tours and Lisa Livingston-Bridwell presented information regarding the history and haunting of central Il.  Topics included the state capital building; governor’s mansion, Dana Thomas House and local rural areas just to name a few of the many locations.  He gave the students background on important historical figures such as Vachel Lindsey and Frank Lloyd Wright.   John went over the Lincoln Theater with the students to prepare them for the investigation and Lisa spoke with students about intuitive abilities.  They also talked about investigation methods and evidence review. It was a great meeting and the students learned a lot of history and about investigating.

March 12th, 2012 - Audrey C.

Mr. Roberts handed out the updated schedule and information regarding the upcoming investigations at the Elijah Iles House and Auburn Haunted Theater. 

Guest Speaker:
Our first guest speaker was Brianna S. a student from SHG who talked about her experiences in her house.  She has seen three spirits; a old man, old woman, and a child! She talked about weird things in her house that have happened.  Her dad accompanied her and even though skeptical admitted a lot of strange things are occurring.  They talked about having had their house investigated and getting a lot of evidence such as evps and blue orbs which they are going to send to Mr. Roberts to share with the class.

Club member Kayla K also shared her recent experiences at her house including things being moved, weird feelings and a broom which stands up by itself on it’s bristles.  She borrowed an K2 meter from Mr. Roberts to investigate!

Mr. Roberts introduced Bigfoot expert Stan Courtney who discussed evidence, shared recordings, and even brought in a huge footprint he found while investigating a sighting.  Much of the evidence came from his website  Students asked many questions. It was a very interesting meeting.


Below Brianna discusses her experiences.  On the right Stan Courtney shows off cast of footprint to LPC Members. 

February 23rd, 2012 - Audrey Curtis



  • Mr. Roberts discussed and handed out the meeting agendas, new schedules, and new fundraiser information for the Bergner’s Community Days sale on April 27th, and 28th. 
  • Students were also given website permission forms for parents to sign, and were encouraged to turn in their reports, evidence, and personal stories. 
  • The new investigation sight in March will be the Elijah Illes House. 
  • Students  talked about their recent investigations at the Hickox House.

Guest Speaker:

Robbin Terry from Midwest Paranormal was introduced.  Mr. Terry investigates, runs his own haunted Halloween attraction, as well as drives an ambulance, sells insurance and coaching youth sports around his hometown of Auburn. 

Robbin brought several cases of equipment that he uses for his investigations and explained it to the students.  He then went through evidence he has recently captured from locations such as Taylorville, Las Vegas, and his own Theater he owns in Auburn.

He also told interesting stories.  He reiterated how fortunate the students are to have a club, and the importance of going through their evidence.  Mr. Terry graciously offered the students the opportunity to investigate his theater in Auburn, and will include transportation!!  This will be scheduled by the next meeting on March 12th, when Bigfoot export Stan Courtney will be presenting.  

Mr. Roberts was pleased with the attendance of 35 students considering many regulars had prior obligations. At least 6 new students were in attendance.


 Robbin Terry demonstrates some of his equipment.  In his hand is a combination device used by the military that is a flashlight, digital recorder and IR video camera.

January 31st, 2012 - Audrey C.

Mr. Roberts handed out revised schedules, and discussed the upcoming February 9
th investigation at the Virgil Hickox House.  

Ashley U and Alexus H told of their investigation of the Hickox House from January 26th, including hearing whistling, voices, and feeling a ghost cat was present.  Mr. Roberts showed the students an interesting photo taken by Alexus H. that night with what appears to be an apparition sitting on the couch between Ashley and Mr. Davis (LINK).  Both stated they were poked in the neck at that time.  Mr. Roberts also showed students pics taken by Chris Mason at the Hickox House. 

Mr. Roberts showed students the updated club link on the www. sight including the new feature with students sharing personal stories.  He gave a brief recap of the stories by Clarissa H, and Alexus H whose stories on the site.  He also discussed students writing up their own stories to add to the site.  

Tee Shirts were discussed and ordered. Mr. Roberts then introduced Tom Blasko. who was part owner of the old Springfield Lake Club.  We watched the Discovery Channels episode of “ A Haunting” based on the lake club. Students then asked questions of Mr. Blasko and he told them further stories of the hauntings.

January 17, 2012 - by Audrey C.


The next public investigation of the Virgil Hickox House will be held this Friday, January 20th, 2012 from 7 - 1 a.m..  Club investigations are scheduled for January 23rd and February 6th at the same location.
Starting in March, club members will also be able to sign up to investigate the Elijah Iles House.

Cost for Shirts will be $7.oo for club member and $10.oo for Non-members.  Names may be added on the back for an additional cost of $3.oo.  Order forms are due the 25th of January!  (See Design Below)  GET YOUR FORMS SUBMITTED!!!

On Tuesday, January 31st, Tom Blasko will be presenting his story from the Discovery Channel's "A Haunting at the Lake Club".

Mr. Roberts informed us that his sister Vicki and Trish (CAPS Members) have been asked to floy out to Los Angeles for a taping of "My Ghost Story" (Biography Channel).  They have been asked to talk about a night they spend at the Virgil Hickox house last year.
Mr. Roberts suggested he could start a "My Ghost Story" page on the website so that sudents could tell of their personal experiences.


1)  Mr. Roberts presented a clip from the Elijah Iles House which appeared to say, "David" (his first name).

2)  Sammy gathered a recording from Hickox that we believe says "Help Me, Help Eugene."

3)  "King" James got a recording at the Hickox after he aked, "Do you like males?"  The responce he seemed to get was "No"

4)  Violet presented several recordings from the Hickox.  One seemed to say "I like you" but included voices of three people.  She also had a recording that she believed said that they "...wishes she was dead."

5)  Mr. Roberts showed evidence that the CAPS team had collected from their visit to Black Moon Mannor in Indiana.  This included several recording as well as a video.


Members were shown their club link on the <> website.  LPC club information can be accessed through the "CAPS Academy" menu.

December 15th, 2011

Meeting was held in Room 25 from 4-5:15.  Students from the December 5th and December 12th Hickox investigations shared their experiences. Two students captured EVPs during their investigations and were shared with the group.  Mr. Roberts showed the club members their special link on the CAPS website The link is CAPS Academy and includes pictures, and student reports. EVPs etc will be added as available.  Mr. Roberts went through CAPS evidence, including a dozen recordings from the Hickox House, and an amazing video captured at Black Moon Manor in Indiana.  Discussion took place about individual’s different levels of sensitivity and the phenomenon of imaginary friends among other paranormal topics. Students were warned about the dangers of Ouija Boards, and encouraged to stick to scientific methods of investigating. Speaker Chris Mason of Urban Paranormal was scheduled to attend but had to cancel due to illness. He is being rescheduled.  Students were given the meeting schedule for second semester, and signed up for a discounted copy of Larry’s book “Chasing Shadows”.  Club Tee Shirts designs were discussed and the final item on the agenda was the special night of investigation of the Hickox House on Tuesday December 20th. Twenty four students attended.

November 22nd, 2011

The meeting took place from 4-5:15 in room 25.  Students from the November 14th investigation of the Hickox House spent the first 30 minutes sharing their experience with their peers. Evidence review was discussed as well as pending student reports. Students were given a tip sheet for doing EVPs.  Larry Wilson of Urban Paranormal and the author of “Chasing Shadows” was special guest presenter. He talked about his experiences at the Villisca Axe House In Iowa, and shared photo and audio evidence from Villisca and Elkhart Cemetery among other areas.  He also warned them to take precautions when investigating and that it should be taken seriously based on his experience in Iowa. Students were appreciative of Larry taking the time to share his expertise with them.  The upcoming investigation at the Hickox House on December 4th was the last item on the agenda.  34 students attended along with one parent and siblings.

November 10th, 2011

The meeting was held in room 25 from 4pm to 5:15 PM. The meeting started out with humorous You Tube Video of a family’s haunted house, with ghosts in sheets and all! Mr. Roberts then showed the students evidence from his group Capital Area Paranormal Society (CAPS) and showed them around their website Evidence including pictures, video, and evps from places such as the Virgil Hickox House, Eldred House, and Story Inn was presented and discussed. Students shared some more stories of their experiences, and discussion ensued about the first student investigation to be held on November 14th24 students were in attendance.

October 25th, 2011

The meeting was held in room 25 as an informational meeting. Students received surveys about their interest in the paranormal, what types of activities they would be willing to participate in, and were asked to describe any experiences they may have had.  Club rules were discussed, and students were sent home with parent approval forms, which described the goals of the club.  No fewer than 10 students openly discussed their experiences about the paranormal, from seeing deceased relatives to having a wide variety of activity in their homes.  Discussion ensued about having students write their stories as part of the club activities. These may be added as link to the club website or CAPS club pages.  The students were amazingly open about experiences and respectful of their peers.  30 students attended.