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Auburn "R" Theater, March 2012



Robbin Terry, Owner of the Auburn Theater also known as the R Theater built in 1946, was kind enough to bring his bus from Auburn to Lanphier and pick up 18 students for an investigation of the sprawling building.  He also returned them all safely around 9pm.!!  This was the largest club investigation to date.

The students arrived around 4:45pm and Robbin gave a history of the building and an initial tour.  Students were treated to pizza, which they consumed quickly, and the investigation began in earnest.  Supervision was supplied by Mr. Roberts, Trish Austin, Vicki DuMontelle,  Cathy Gibbs, and Mr. Davis.

A great deal of activity was reported by each group throughout the night.  Cali, Kaylee, and Amethyst were upstairs on the second floor deck when they heard a very loud hissing sound coming from right outside the door.  Cali had a tingling-itching-sensation while upstairs in the small room we call the cat room, while Kaylee reported feeling a bit nauseous and seeing a light they could not account for.  

While still in this small room with Mr. Roberts they all heard what sounded like a cat meowing, and Kaylee saw a black shadow walk by behind Amethyst.  Cali also reports hearing a whispery voice say “No!” in her ear in this room. While this group was in the basement the K2 meter went completely red in one location and they all thought they heard a moan with no one else in the basement.

Tiffany and Ashley started their evening in the theater room and Ashley said she felt like someone was pulling on her shirt from behind.  Jarod was in the vicinity but states he did not do it.  Ashley also said she felt like her hand was being held, and she could even feel the fingernails.  Tiffany and Ashley also saw some type of unexplained light out of the corner of their eyes while sitting here.  While investigating the cat room with Mr Roberts both Tiffany and Clarissa felt like they were being touched, and their hair was being played with.  They again heard what sounded like a cat meowing and Mr. Roberts reported the ringing in his ears again, much like he had happen in that room on another occasion.  Later, while Vicki and Trish were in this room the K2 meter went red for a few seconds right as Vicki reached for a doll that was sitting on the floor by the meter.  It was the only time the meter went off in that room all night!  Perhaps she scared the cat!!

Violet and Faith were uncomfortable at the beginning of the evening, particularly in the basement area.  As the evening progressed they felt a little better and did feel like something may have been following them for a while.  They were not alone, as Kim also had earlier stated that she got a sick feeling on her initial trip to the basement and would not be returning.  Violet and Faith spent a great deal of time in one of the bedrooms on the first floor and said they felt like someone was in the room with them.  Chansy and Jennifer joined them later and both felt like they were touched in this room while investigating with Violet and Faith.  Chansy reported a slight scratch while sitting on the floor here while Jennifer felt a hand on her back.  Later in the evening Chansy would report hearing a voice later the basement, possibly  saying “ are you scared?”.

Sami spent a good deal of her evening trying to scare people but did say she thought she heard a hiss in the theater.  Her mom Cathy was picking up on a strong smell of syrup on the first floor near where the theater is located.  No explanation was found for this occurrence. While in the theater Mr. Davis heard some loud knocking noises so got his dog tags out asking the spirits if they would like to move them and they moved and tingled three times in succession.  Damon was among those who witnessed this event.

The theater seemed active all night as Maria told of being poked in the back of the leg while on stage singing!   Maria also said she felt like she was being followed in the large room on the first floor we used as a staging area.  She had the K2 meter in this room and said it felt like someone had their hand on her hand while holding the meter.  When she went into the first floor room where Violet and Faith were having a lot of activity she said she felt like someone was sitting at the desk in that room.  During the initial walkthrough with Vicki and Trish she said all three of them felt like their feet were numb around the first floor hallway area.  Vicki felt strongly that there was something in that first floor area of the building, particularly early in the evening.  

Mr. Davis and Megan reported hearing a moan in the basement at some point in the investigation and Mr. Davis said that he felt a piercing feeling in his ear upstairs just as he left the staircase.  It felt as though he had gotten a quick, momentary earache.  Later as he stuck his head in a first floor room he thought he heard a growl, so quickly took his head out of that room!!  Megan had a lot of activity with the ghost meter on the top floor in one of the rooms where the roof is being repaired.  The entire house had interesting EMF readings for a house with no power!!  Students were conscientious throughout the night to make sure none of their phones or equipment could be causing the readings.

The students had a great time, and thanks again to Robbin for going way out of his way to accommodate the students of the Lanphier Paranormal Club.  Hopefully as students continue to review evidence we can add to this report. 


This one was captured at a time when no men were around...

This one was capture in the same room as the above...  Still no guys around?

 This one sounds like it says, "Sis", female voice this time.