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Elijah Iles House

Special thanks to the gracious folks at the Elijah Iles House for allowing the Lanphier Paranormal Club the opportunity to investigate such a beautiful and historically important location.




Cali L.

The group I was with included Cali, Tiffany, Ashley and Trish, while on the first floor Tiffany was poked numerous times on the leg, and then I was scratched on my leg!  We took a picture, which shows my scratch, we were in the middle of the room with nothing that could have caused it.  We were amazed the next day when Mr. Roberts showed us a picture that Trish took showing a bright white-bluish light in the picture at the same exact time.  On the upper floor where the bedrooms are we were getting an uneasy feeling, including headaches. We even heard some time of growling noise with our own ears!  On the middle floor, which was, Tiffany was again touched and we heard footsteps and what sounded like men having a conversation. Sound travels in the building so it could have been another group but it sounded like it was in the room with us and we were an all female group> we decided to go back up to the third floor to investigate further and the rocking horse creaked on it’s own and we heard a voice that said “ I know” which was captured on two recorders. Just before leaving I decided to do an evp session on the third floor and felt like a hand pressed upon my neck.  Violet came upstairs and said she felt the presence of an older man with us!

Ashley U. March 19, 2012

When I first entered the Elijah House through the lower floor or basement it seemed very comfortable.  Everything seemed normal, like any other place would be.  When we took the tour the house just seemed old but nothing beyond that, until I entered the very top floor.  Even during the tour the top floor just felt odd, I couldn’t sit still or get comfortable. Later when Tiffany, Cali, Trish and I went to the top floor we went straight for the little kid's room because we liked the spooky appearance. We heard knocks and creaks but what got me was a clear, loud voice I heard in my left ear.  We all heard the rocking horse chair moving with no one around it.  We heard it twice.  We all agreed no one was moving, and then as Cali says something I encountered a spine chilling voice saying, "I know".   It was right in my ear and I could feel my ear drum vibrating!! (evidence review shows that it indeed did say, “ I know”) This night turned out to be a shocking but fun experience!



This one was captured and sounds like "Cuddles"?