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LPC at Virgil Hickox Home, Dec. 2011






EVP Captured Under the stairs 

 EVP on Second floor

"King" James, Dec. 5th, 2011

What I experienced at the Hickox House has changed me.  I went in with limited knowledge of ghosts and came out of the evening knowing a great deal more.  I didn’t realize ghosts could touch you for one thing.  I was uncomfortable in the parlor room upstairs.  We were investigating and everyone was saying there was a girl in the room who liked a certain chair.  I did not like that chair nor did I dare sit in it!  I felt like I was being touched while sitting on the couch in that room however.  I am sure I was touched on the hand, and leg.  I was not the only one who felt that.

While the whole group was sitting in the room we heard a loud crashing sound from below.  Mr. Roberts and Trish went to check it out but nothing was there!  

In the room at the end of the hallway we felt  there was a male spirit, maybe  named Tom, who liked to pick on bigger guys.  l was even more scared than before at this point!  I felt constant temperature drops throughout the night also. At one point we thought a spirit was playing with the window covering upstairs because the plastic would push inward despite the breeze blowing from the outside.  Mr. Roberts stated it was likely not paranormal and with the help of Mr. Davis we were able to debunk it. 

Near the end of the evening one of the girls was sitting on the top of the staircase who said that Thomas was with her.  I put my hand into that area and it was ice cold.  I am looking forward to the next investigation!

Ashlee J-P and Matt B

We started upstairs in Michelle’s Room (parlor) and heard a “yes” when we asked the spirits if they like Maria.  While in the same room, we also asked if Michelle was sitting next to me on the couch and at that very moment the K2 meter went red.  We had asked the spirits to make the meter go red for yes at the beginning of the investigation!  We felt she was sitting by us on the couch at this point!  We then asked if our group should leave the room and it went red again.  

We then proceeded to walk around the house and went to what we called “Tom’s” room and craziness ensued, (small room at end of hallway, sometimes called Alice’s’ room).  It was the coldest room and seemed very active.  We experienced a spirit, perhaps Tom, standing in the middle of the room.  The meter went red and we just sensed a presence at this time.  At one point we thought a ghost was by the window making the plastic covering push inward but later debunked it as the wind, with the help of Mr. Davis and a lighter! 

We continued our journey through the house and later stopped back into the same room where we had set a little toy pony.  It disappeared and we never did find it.   No one investigating claimed knowledge of it!  We even turned the lights on looking for it.  During the night (while upstairs) we also heard an extremely loud bang coming from downstairs.  Every single person was in the same room sitting at the time.  The adults went downstairs to check it out and found nothing that would have made the sound.  The floor actually shook upstairs!  It is a very active place and can’t wait to go back in a couple of weeks!!

Kevin P, Dec. 12th, 2011
 The Night I went to the Hickox House:

The night I went to the Hickox House experience was very cool experience.  We found a lot of stuff.  The room where we set the horse on the top floor was where I ran into a spirit known as Tom (Tom is a bully).  Tom touched my arm several times in the room.  My group got scared and ran out of the room so fast.

Then my group broke up and went into rooms individually to see if we could find anything.  We did find a lot of stuff.  We found Tom and when we asked him to make a knocking noise, something made one.  I was surprised that they did!  I'm very glad that Mr. Roberts took us to investigate the Hickox House! 


When I went on the field trip to investigate the Hickox House I felt different as soon as I entered the building, like a depression came on me.  My group went up to Alice's room where it was quiet until I said “okay Alice I am going to leave these two toy cars in here for you to play with" and I put them on the floor and took a picture so I would know if they had moved when I came back to check later in the evening. Dakota, Clarissa Tiffany and Trish went to the "adult corner" and sat and was getting excellent EMF readings. We kept hearing outstanding sounds like a little girl and a man having a conversation as well as footsteps, almost like they were passing back and forth. Well, I then set a normal sized ball on the ground, it was completely level. After Trish left the room Dakota said " you’re a chicken prove your here be a man by moving the ball " and before you know it the ball was rolling back and forth like two people were kicking it back and forth. Of course no one was touching it!! After Tiffany and Clarissa shrieked it stopped suddenly.

We left the room quickly to go check on the cars and they had been moved ... I am not sure if something paranormal moved it or if someone else did accidently. We went back to, the adult corner and Dakota was sitting in the chair and us three girls were standing and suddenly Tiffany’s hair was standing straight up after I asked them to touch her!! We all sat down and I felt a burning on my back and I just ignored it thinking I am kinda scared and it got worse and I asked Dakota and Tiffany to look at it. Their mouths dropped and I asked them to take a picture and this big red scratch was on my left lower back!! We tried to debunk it, as did Mr. Roberts but couldn’t. Twenty minutes later Clarissa heard someone walking and right afterwards we heard the gate shake upstairs by the ladder. I shot two pictures in a row and in the first one you can see an orb clear as day and the second one it is moved over to the left. Next while in Alice's room right after we discovered the cars  moved we heard footsteps I said "is someone following us " ? I shot a picture and in the doorway there is an orb by Clarissa .

Brittany Z - Dec. 5th, 2011

After everyone got to the house we all went into the parlor.  While in the parlor we did a group recording session.  Everyone asked questions.  The most activity going on was when the people on the couch felt things happen to them. 

After our session, we all went into the staging room and split into groups.  I was in a group with Violet and Maria.  First we went into Thomas' Room.  We did a recording session. Violet started to feel being pulled toward the room with all of the things in it.  Maria felt something stab at her right hand that left a mark.  Other than being interested in the attic, I didn't feel or hear anything out of the ordinary.

Next we went into the parlor and sat on the couch and began recording.  While on the couch, we were all very cold, especially my arms.  Violet and Maria both said something was touching their necks and legs.  After we left we went to the adult entertainment room.  Other than me feeling lightheaded nothing happened to me.  Violet and Maria didn't feel anything either.  Then we went downstairs and listened to some of the recordings.  After that we went to some other places in the house.  When Mr. Davis got there all the groups went into the parlor and did another group session.  Then it was time to leave. Although I'm not a sensitive person, I had a lot of fun!

Brittany Z - Dec. 12th, 2011

After everyone got to the house we all went looking around for a little bit until Trish arrived with the equipment.  When she di, we split into groups.

I was in a group with Tyler and Mr. Roberts for the most part.  First we went into Thomas' Room.  We did a recording session.   After a while we went into Alice's Room and did another session.  Nothing much really happened there either.  Next we went into the parlor or Michelle's Room.  I sat in Michelle's favorite chair.  I was hoping something would happen, but nothing really did, except when Ashley and Tiffany came in.  Ashley took a picture of me in the chair and got an orb in the picture.

After than, we went through the library and room next to it.  Again there I don't think much happened.  But when we got into the portal room, I got something.  I had the EVP scanner and I was getting some crazy readings.  It kept going off in the corner and side of the wall.  The first time it was in the air.  The second time when I scanned the room I couldn't get anything.  The third time Cat, Kevin, and Kayla were in the room with me.  This time it was by the floor.  But whatever it was, when I did get it, it kept moving too.  But then again, it could be the wiring.  Or maybe it was the child that was rumored to be sitting in there from time to time.  

We went into the staging room for a while but then Tyler and I went and did more recordings through the house.  After that Ashley and I went and did a rcording in what some say used to be an Adult Entertainment Room.  Then we went downstairs for a while and walked through the house.  Then it was time to go.  I didn't really feel anything at all throughout the night but I did get a good EVP. 

Maria D - Dec. 12th, 2011

My second visit was about a month after my first to the Hickox House.  My fears rose even more when Mr. Roberts scared me by banging on the window at the front of the building when I arrived!!  By the time we started I was fine however.

It seemed as though there was no activity in the library this time.  The small corner just past the bathroom scared me the most.  It seemed there was a lot of activity in the parlor upstairs.  What we call Michelle’s “special” chair had been moved from one side of the room to the other, from the time we did our initial walk through until the time we went back up to do a recording session.  The only other people that would have been in the room were Mr. Roberts and Trish and they said they did not move it!  That probably was why it felt so cold.  The room was cold but the chair was freezing.  No other wooden objecst in the room were cold except the chair.  While I was sitting by the fireplace it felt as though some thing was leaning against me.  I got the feeling it was scared.  I then moved to the couch and it felt like something was poking me harshly with a pin.  The couch is located on the wall on the other side of Thomas’ room so I wouldn’t be surprised if he was having a little fun.  Over all it was fun!!! :)