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LPC at Hickox February, 2012


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Violet S.

Following her visit to the Hickox , Violet wanted to make drawings of two images.  The first she called Michelle and the second was Thomas.


Chansy R.

My first experience at the Hickox House was amazing and fun. We got a lot of good recordings and pictures.  The best part of the night occurred while investigating the library with Alexus, Taylor, and Kim.  We heard a very loud noise.  It sounded as if someone had thrown something hard, or like they had dropped something. When we turned the lights on there was a face print on the door to the hallway. It came out of nowhere!! We took pictures of it and compared it to other pictures showing there were no face prints on the door before. We had a lot of fun.  It was interesting and I learned a lot.  I can’t wait to go back!


This was captured while Ashley and Mr. Roberts were walking through...  Listen closely after Mr. Roberts says, "I want to go there..."

Madison S.

I’ve always wondered what side to believe when it comes to the question:  “Are ghosts real or imagined”?  Well I am done wondering because I’ve figured out where I stand!  The 9th of February is a night I will always remember for many reasons.  It was the night of my first paranormal investigation at the Virgil Hickox House, and perhaps the night I saw my first ghost. 

My partner and I were standing in the library looking out the window towards the far side of the room.  I turned around slowly and looked around the room.  While inspecting the room, my eye caught an all-black figure.  It was very tall, taking up almost the whole door.  I saw it gliding or floating past the outside of the doorway, which would have placed it in the first floor hall.  What I remember most is that it seemed to have a very large head.  As it went by I noticed how it was obstructing the various pieces of construction tools and a ladder that were sitting in the hallway.  I stopped and stared at the doorway for at least a minute trying to find an explanation for what I had seen.  What could it have been I thought to myself? 

We tried to debunk it numerous times.  We had someone walk up and down the stairs to see if the reflections from the door caused it, or if it was just a shadow being thrown from another part of the building or outside.  Nothing we did was anywhere close to the spine-chilling black figure I had seen moments before.  We checked to see if there was someone else in the back part of the building that would’ve caused it but the only people downstairs were in the library and in the room in front of the library.  It also looked nothing like a real person walking down the hallway would look. 

I don’t really know how to react emotionally to my encounter with this ghost-like shadow.  It came and went in less than 30 seconds but continues to stay with me to this day.  It is just a bit overwhelming when you’re a wimp like me! At the same time, though, I feel like I achieved my goal that night, and I don’t regret going.  I actually would love to go again.

The following EVP was capture in the Hickox on the fourth of November by Dave and Trish.  It almost sounds like this voice is asking for Madison?