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Virgil Hickox Home - January 2012

Alexus H., January 26th, 2012

I investigated the Virgil Hickox House on January 26th, 2012.  Kim and I showed up at 5pm.  Mr. Roberts gave us a quick historical tour of the house and we then broke into two small groups.  While sitting in the first floor library we heard what sounded like a little girl whisper something right next to us.  Soon after we saw that the left lense of Ashley’s glasses were fogged over. 

While we were walking around downstairs by the bathroom we all heard a whistling sound.  It happened on several occasions and we were all trying to figure out where it was coming from.  As we heard it again, Jared who was upstairs alone said he also heard it.  It seemed to only happen when we were talking, not while we were quietly listening for it. 

Later in the evening, sometime after 6 we investigated the upstairs room some call Michelle’s Room. I thought I saw a small figure scamper across the room and some of us heard a cat meow.  Five minutes later I felt something rub against my legs.  Shortly after I felt my lap grow very cold like something was sitting on it.  I went to move my foot and swore I kicked something heavy on the floor but when I looked down nothing was there.  I heard a cat hiss at which point I got out of my seat and ran across the room to sit on Kim’s Lap!!  I believe I took the cat home with me that night.  I had a constant feeling of something running around at my feet.  A couple of nights after the investigation I was awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of a cat toy moving across my bedroom floor.  There was no cat in my room!  

I said I am never going back after that!  However, now I am ready to return as soon as I can.

Kim H.  January 26th, 2012

Thursday night, January 26th was the night I saw a ghost cat while investigating the Virgil Hickox House.  Alexus and I both saw it but I was the first.  We were in the upstairs room known as Michelle’s Room.  Mr. Davis and Ashley were sitting on the couch while Alexus and I were sitting in chairs across the room by the windows.  When Alexus and I first saw the cat it was by the door.

I kept feeling the cat at my feet.  Alexus felt it on her lap and said it followed her home that night.  A few days after the investigation it seems the cat may be making appearances at my house.  It seems to sleep on my bed while I am sitting on it.  I will see the indentation the size of a cat on my bed for no reason.  It drives my dogs crazy all the time.  They will start barking at the wall for no reason.  I actually will see the cat in shadowy form on occasion!!  During the investigation one other thing of note was a whistling that we heard from time to time. We were not able figure out where it came from and all of us heard it that night. It was a great night and I will be going back soon!


This one was captured when only Mr. Roberts and Ashley were there.
Listen at about three seconds for a different voice...