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LPC at Virgil Hickox Home, March 2012

Audry C. with Kim H.

This was my first investigation with the club, although I have done some investigation with my aunt in the past year or so.  I must say it was pretty good!

My group went upstairs first to do an evp session in the connecting rooms where a lot of junk is stored.  We then moved over to Michelle’s Room or parlor and I took lots of interesting photos. It was quiet but we did see some fingerprints on the coffee table in the parlor.  The room next door is called Alice’s Room I felt like I was getting grabbed. It was very subtle.  When we did a group evp review session we got some nice recordings.  Then we went to the library and I feel we got several great recordings.  We got several pictures of orbs and shadows.  I’m currently still reviewing recordings from the investigation.  That night went pretty well and the recording sessions were nice.

Kanizhia G, Katie M, and Destiny P.

The three of us were very nervous and scared from the moment we walked into the building.  Mr. Roberts gave us a tour and we went to investigate the library and do EVPs while the other group was upstairs.  The library and Alice’s room were active areas for us all evening.  Mr. Roberts stayed with us investigating downstairs and while we sat on the library benches he asked if we needed the flashlights on because it was getting on his nerves, and we heard a whisper that said “ok I’m scared”.  It was captured on the recording.  Shortly after while still in the library we heard another unexplained voice like someone rushing into the room.  Mr. Roberts asked if Alice wanted to talk to the girls and we captured an evp that said “I don’t want too” and what sounded like a “yes, get out of here” when we were leaving the room. 

While sitting on the benches by the books we had the K2 meter turn all the way to red a couple times, and yellow and orange also.  It was sitting by Katie and we tried to debunk it as phones being on so we turned them off and it continued to happen. While sitting there Destiny saw a strange light and said she felt like something was tugging at her pants.  Kanisha felt like she was tickled on the leg while sitting there.

We went back into the staging room next door to listen to our recordings and were amazed at the voices we caught, as if we were not already scared!  While in this room we all heard a growl sound coming from the hallway, including Mr. Roberts. The door was shut but we checked with the other investigators and they were all upstairs. 

Once we completed our review of the audio we went upstairs, switching with the other group, and decided to start in the parlor.  We began asking questions.  We asked for a sign of a presence and and saw a handprint show up on the glass table! We went next door to Alice’s room and sat down and the lampshade started moving.  We asked her if she wanted us to leave and the meter turned red and looked on a table and saw Hi, written in the dust.  We are not sure if it was already there but we left!!  We think Alice wanted us to leave but Mr. Roberts said Alice would not do that to us, so it must have been someone else!!

Kanishia felt like she was scratched on the neck just before leaving the room and it looked like there could have been a mark there, it was also sore to the touch.  We went back downstairs and decided to remain there for the rest of the night.  Mr. Roberts escorted us down the dark creepy hallway as we were leaving, as we were all just a little scared!  As we left we backed out the door and asked the spirits to stay at the Hickox House!

 We were all a little shaken when we left that night and had trouble sleeping, it was both fun and scary!



Let's get out of here

It's Red

Okay, I'm Scared...