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LPC at Virgil Hickox Home, Nov. 2011


Captured by Violet and sounds like a childs voice...

 This one seems like a name...Morgan?

This one is quite long and because of the whisper its hard to determine exactly what is being said...


Maria D - Nov. 14th, 2011

The first time I visited the Hickox House was my first time ever investigating.  I was at the same time scared and curious as to the structure of the building.  My favorite spot has to be the upstairs parlor next to Alice’s room and the Library area downstairs.  The only spot I got a lot of activity was in the Library.  Whenever I talked about a girl named Bertha, the activity seemed to increase.  I got touched once on my foot… then when I asked it to do it again I was touched in the same spot!

Clarissa H. - Nov. 14th, 2011

     We entered the house, talked about some of the houses history, then took a walk through to get to know the house. After we got into groups, it was me, TB, DJ, and Ashley U!!  We went straight to Alices room (or what we think is her room) and tried to introduce ourselves. We set two hot wheel cars down and left the room. 

We came back around approximately 25 m-30 minutes later and the cars were moved in different spots as if Alice had moved them.  We took pictures and left the room.

We then walked to the long room on the second floor. We sat down and began to question. We were sitting down and a bouncy ball we had placed in the corner started repeatedly rocking back and moving and when we stood and looked over it stopped instantly!!!! 

The group sat back down but I walked toward the elevator where I heard footsteps.. I told my partners about this and  one minute and 3o seconds later the metal fence surrounding the metal ladder that goes to the first floor began to shake really bad and loud, so Ashley took two pictures of that spot , our K2 meter went red, and we got a bright orb in one of the pictures!!

Tiffany B. - Nov. 14th, 2011

It was November 14th when LHS Paranormal Club went to investigate the Virgil Hickox House. When we arrived Mr. Roberts filled us in on some of the history, like who lived there, and what business had come and gone.  I was in a group with CH, DJ, and AU. 

We wanted to go upstairs first. We went into the corner where we were told by a student claiming to be sensitive and had been here previously on an overnight that “grown ups” went to talk and “underage kids” like us were not supposed to be.  We got tons of activity in that one spot. I was getting messed with a lot, my hair was pulled, and being played with, I heard a little girl whisper, and I was poked very hard in my back down in the first floor library rom. It was a pretty cool experience, but it was a little creepy. I would most definitely want to go back to that place to investigate again. It was fun!!

Violet S. - Nov. 14th, 2011

            Before the investigation started I felt activity kick up. I saw a young girl in white touch the windows on the side of the building buy the parking lot. I felt someone wanted us in there, and someone else did not.  While waiting for Mr. Roberts to show up, we stared at the building.  I started to feel a pain in my chest which seemed to go away when I walked away from the building but came back when I stood in front of it.  The other girls began to shine their flashlights up at the building which I feel angered the spirits.

            Once we got inside, I felt drawn to so many areas.  Mr. Roberts had us stand in the hallway as he started the walkthrough and as he was talking it felt like something was trying to take my hand.  Mr. Roberts began showing us around the first floor.  The library/study had some small children watching us.  As we walked around one room, I saw an item I could tell the little girls liked playing with to freak each other out.  The skulls!!!  Mr. Roberts led us upstairs and that’s when I started to feel something bad. Mr. Roberts opened a door marked “do not enter”. It felt like a bad room, where only adult type activities occur.  We were then walked through the rest of the second floor and did a group EVP session in the parlor room, AKA Michelle’s Room.  I picked up what I felt was a small Childs sadness. We couldn’t use their proper names, not knowing who was with us which I think fueled this sadness.  Mr. Davis began talking to Michelle and the emotion in the room changed. She seemed overwhelmed with joy to see him there!

             We went downstairs to break off into separate groups to start really investigating.  My group was led by Mr. Davis, and we hung back from the other two groups.  We found a little side room that I think a little girl was hiding in.  Something bad was done to her and the more we talked the sadder she got.  Once the other groups came downstairs, we went upstairs. We went to the parlor and sat for a while.  Mr. Davis talked with Michelle while she flirted with him.  Mr. Davis asked basic questions but only one made me laughs!! When asked her age she smiled saying “a woman never tells”. Michelle even sat by Mr. Davis for awhile until the underclassmen entered the room.  Michelle didn’t like the fact that the room was packed.  One of the boys annoyed her, so she quite responding.  We ventured through the house before regrouping.  Once we did that the students were set loose to investigate where they chose, with their group and group leader.  I stuck with FW, following her around.  We went upstairs and as I did I felt a massive weight pushing down on me.  I saw the room; I will identify as Thomas’ room, with the door ajar and felt he was no longer in there.  Thomas was following the younger students, I could feel it.  We walked around the second floor bumping into the underclassmen who were spooked.  I explained I felt the area they were in the area where the Sangamo Club members would have their female companions for the evening.  I and FW continued on and as we walked around we felt Thomas guarding the stairs.  We would go into another room and feel him staring at us.  He seemed to follow us around the second floor.  We ended up cornered in one room; we knew if we could get to the parlor we would be ok.  Thomas watched us as we hurried into the room.  We stayed in the room until time to go.  Thomas tried to follow us downstairs.  We went down to gather up materials to leave and Mr. Davis had me and Faith sit in the library.  We figured out they would come here to relax and felt nails digging into our knees as if small children were telling us not to go.  We went into the room with everyone else and Thomas was in the doorway watching the underclassmen.  Mr. Davis chased him away.  Once we were ready to leave, Faith and I noticed Thomas sitting at the bottom of the stairs watching the underclassmen but when they left he turned to us.  Mr. Roberts made him to upstairs, and we safely left for the evening!!