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Wohlgemuth Mansion, Springfield, Illinois

Wohlgemuth Mansion, November 2012

Students Venture into new location for Investigation,


Paranormal club members investigated the historic Henry Wohlgemuth mansion on Thursday December 6th.  The huge house was built around 1865 and is located near the Lincoln Home, and Elijah Iles House.  Ten students investigated the basement and upper 3 floors for almost 3 hours.  The hot spots seemed to be the basement and second floor.  Three separate groups went into basement and each time the females of the group would say they felt a little dizzy or light headed.  Interestingly the students had not communicated with one another about this, so there would not have been any preconceived notions.  Later in the evening two of the girls thought they saw a shadow move in the basement.  While upstairs on the second floor one of the adult supervisors and two students claimed to have seen a shadow move across the hallway.   This is the same floor where a student from a separate group reportedly had seen a shadow at a different time.  The second floor also where one of the adult male supervisors   had a strange feeling of something dripping on his arm. He even felt his arm and went to wipe it off, as though there was a drip from the ceiling. of course nothing was there. He noted just moments later that his hair was feeling a bit strange as if there were static or maybe cobwebs around. On more than one occasion voices were heard and at one point investigators swore someone was moving around in a nearby room or hallway.  It was a great first investigation of this unique location and hopefully we will find some solid evidence once we go through all the pictures and recordings.