Old Union Cemetery, Dewitt County Illinois  April 2011

Investigators: Trish and Dave
Weather: sunny and mild temperatures in the 60's.

Definition of isolated hard-to-find cemetery: Old Union Cemetery in Dewitt County!!! At one time it was located on the main road between Springfield and Bloomington Illinois. But now, it is a dirt road between two cornfields, impossible to find without some good directions, (I have included below).
In 1838, this property was home to the Union Christian Church, a small log cabin to start with, but was later rebuilt to accommodate the nearly 600 member congregation. The church itself no longer exists as it was not rebuilt after a fire destroyed it in the 1930's. The only sign of its existence today is a large open area on the cemetery grounds where we picnicked on this cool autumn day. Trish and I both had a real feeling of serenity while here, unlike any of the other places we have visited.
According to what I had read, burials in this cemetery took place from 1831 to 1924, but during our investigation we found a stone near the entrance dated from the 1960's. This seemed oddly out of place because of its distance from any of the other graves. Of the over 500 documented graves, only around 100 tombstones still survive. Among these included that of an infant that sadly sat alone near the northwest tree line.
During our three-hour investigation we took many pictures and did lot of recording. We spent a lot of time in the northeast corner at the Hull Plot, which was once adorned with a beautiful metal fence. All that is left today is a rustic, half-standing relic of its past beauty. This is the area with reports of people hearing voices and strange unexplainable lights captured in photographs, (http://www.prairieghosts.com/oldunion.html).

Although we experienced no strange activity during our visit, we did manage to get some peculiar recordings. We plan a return trip to Old Union for an evening investigation, once it warms up, to see if we get a different feeling about the place.
Directions from Springfield: Take route 54 Northeast towards Clinton for about 25-30 miles. After the town of Chestnut, but just before Kenney make a left turn and head north on Pleasant Valley Rd. There will be a stop sign by the Pleasant Valley Cemetery. Go less than one mile past this stop sign and make a right turn onto Old Settlers Rd. (5000 N.) Go 1.4 miles and make a right hand turn onto an unmarked gravel road. (between cornfields during the growing season) It is about a half mile up this little gravel road.



Sounds like a child's voice, "Alan"

Say Georgia

Whispery Female voice at just after 2 seconds, "Say Georgia"