Sulphur Springs Cemetery, Nilwood Township, Macoupin County Illinois

Investigators: Trish Austin, Dave Roberts
Weather: delightful!!
Can you name a beautiful little cemetery dating from 1830, located in rural Macoupin County Illinois, has its own little white chapel, a tombstone fasioned in the likeness of the WWl Veteran interred there, and is the place where we got some of our first great EVPs? You guessed it; Sulphur Springs Cemetery! At the end of the report I have added some information regarding the location.
This place will always hold a special place for me as it was one of the first places we investigated on our own. I had heard about it from one of my high school student who had visited briefly with friends, and found it “creepy”. The source I would describe as somewhat “sensitive”, so I took note and traversed there within a few short days. I can’t emphasize enough that it is not an easy location to find.
We made a late afternoon trip while sunlight was still abundant. Our directions were sketchy but not as much as our navigation! Despite the difficulties we eventually found it and we were not disappointed. It truly is a beautiful serene place with its own tiny building which once served as a church for several congregations. The chapel is still used today for wedding ceremonies and such.
There is a rare tombstone here depicting a World War 1 soldier’s real life appearance. 
Unfortunately the cemetery was desecrated recently including the chapel, and a great deal of damage was done to the tombstone of the soldier. The offenders were caught for their disgraceful act and the tombstone is being repaired thanks to some generous volunteers.
We spent about an hour at the location, taking photos, and making audio recordings. What a surprise we got when I sat down to review the recordings. To this day the sound of the little girl we captured will tug at ones heartstrings. I can’t be sure but it really sounds like “don’t leave, don’t leave” to me. Eerily just seconds later I hear a male voice saying “he’s trapped”.
Trish and I went back not soon after and brought along Zach and Brittany. They too had an uneasy feeling about the place, much like our original source. Regrettably the cold temperatures cut that visit short. It is our plan to return one night very soon for a more thorough investigation.
The location is very, very isolated and with recent events that have occurred there, I would recommend caution, and certainly would not go alone!!

"Sulphur Springs Cemetery was laid out early in the 1830s. It derives its name from two springs which are on the south and east side of the cemetery. There is a small building still standing known as the Sulphur Spring Union Church, which served the Christian, Baptist and Methodist denominations. It was deeded by William T. Burford and Myra A. T. Burford, his wife, to Macoupin County for $55.00 for a Quit Claim deed. The WPA fieldman in 1936 measured and recorded the actual description of the cemetery. The church was also used as a school and the teacher was a Mr. Harris. There are many cholera victims buried here and many of the old graves are lying north and south which is very unusual. There are many beautiful monuments in the cemetery. Everett C. Burton who was killed in the battle at Argonne in France has a life sized replica of himself standing at attention. It is complete with all his uniform, helmet, gun, trench knife, flask and bag. It was made of concrete and very, very lifelike. We have deed records and also a history of the church.”

Listed by Thelma Dean (Zelmer) Stewart

Addendum: Trish and I did a follow up on the afternoon of Oct 23, 2011 and found the monument of Everett Burton was not back in place yet. Thankfully it should be soon. Evidence is telling us that we need to go back under the right conditions with the entire CAPS team and do a thorough night investigation. We feel it would be well worth our while, with proper permission of course


At about 2 seconds, a male voice says, "Home"
At about 5 seconds, "Jimmy" is whispered.
Told You

Just after 3 seconds, "Told You"


From Highway 4 in Girard, Illinois turn East onto South St. towards Farmersville. Go 3.3 miles and turn right ( south) onto Boston Chapel Road. At one mile stay left at the Y to follow Boston Chapel Road. Go another 3.6 miles and it will be on your right hand side. It is a little past Waggoner Road. It seems much further than it is with winding country roads.  You might want to check it out on the Internet before you try...