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Elijah Iles Home, Springfield Illinois   January 2012

Investigators: Dave, Trish, Vicki, Dan and Richard

Weather conditions: Cold!


It was about 5pm when we stepped out of the car and were immediately engulfed in an eerie darkness and deep cold chill, you know, typical January investigation! We met Dan and Richard in the parking lot and then quickly made our way to the Elijah Iles Home. We were met inside by Dave Barringer the proprietor of the home and he was gracious enough to give us a tour. Inside the home was filled with such beauty. I felt right at home, or should I say I wished it was my home! While giddily taking photos, to my amazement, the freshly inserted batteries in my camera were drained, and we were just beginning this investigation.
Shortly after the tour was completed, Mr. Barringer left us to investigate with Dan and Richard. Trish and I felt cold as we made our way through the home. When we reached the third floor, we came upon two bedrooms where there were dolls and a rocking horse-things very appealing for children. With the exception of the bear-skin rug that lay in one of the rooms. It sure looked like one mean angry bear that I wouldn't want to wrestle!
Trish and I both felt as if we were meant to be there to start the investigation. Was it our motherly instincts or the fact that was the warmest spot of the entire house! I guess it is true that heat rises!!!
During our time on the 3rd floor, Dan joined us and mentioned that he heard a loud noise, like the rattling of keys. Dave was on the 2nd floor at that time said he heard the same thing. Dave said for some reason his thoughts were,  "Vicki, with bells on her shoes". (I may need to do that, so the team can keep track of we do with our cats!)
The five of us sat in the front parlor of the home for a joint EVP session. Occasionally we heard sounds emanating from another room. At the close of our session we heard a noise coming from the room across and I felt a strong compulsion to go in there where I was immediately joined by Trish and Richard.
This room had an antique looking doll in a baby carriage. Richard placed his K2 meter on a table and it began to flicker almost as though someone was trying to communicate with us. There were times in that room when I felt like someone was pushing on me and my body did some involuntary jerks! We also got some interesting EVPs that said "trying" during one of those moments. When all the other investigators joined us in that room, Trish, Richard and I felt a coldness descend upon us. Dan began to feel very dizzy and ended up having to leave the room.
We all ventured back upstairs again to investigate. Trish, Richard and I were in one of the bedrooms. I pulled out the tea set to have a party with the child spirit I'd like to call Sue Ellen. During this time Richard and Trish kept hearing various noises in the room. Dave and Dan were concentrating their efforts in the other bedroom, the one with that cuddly bear-skin rug. At that time, Dan and Dave both heard a female voice.
When the menfolk made their way back down the stairs, Trish and I remained behind for a while longer until the lights were turned on and we knew it was time to pack up and leave.
Going through the evidence, I have to say I was very impressed with the number of quality of EVPs we had captured at the Elijah Iles Home. It is an exquisitely beautiful, peaceful home to investigate and can't wait for my next chance to sit down for tea with Sue Ellen.

EIH2012Janmirror smudge(2).jpg
00:00 / 00:04

Male voice...think he says "David"

There ThereCAPS
00:00 / 00:03

Listen at about two seconds... "There There"? or is it There David?

SingSongy FemaleCAPS
00:00 / 00:09

Listen to this voice at about three seconds...singing about the bear?

Not That CuteCAPS
00:00 / 00:22

At about 5 seconds, "Not that cute"...  Didn't like the quilt?
Also a response at about 13 seconds too?

Ryan, UpstairsCAPS
00:00 / 00:05

Also in Upstairs bedroom, listen at about three seconds..."Ryan"?

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