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Alcatraz Island, "The Rock", July 2014

Alton IL, Oct. 2010

Annabel Lee Tea Room, Jacksonville, IL  Mar and Apr 2012

Ashmore Estates, Ashmore Illinois  June 2014

Avon Theater Decatur IL, July 2011

Bartonville, IL  Nov 2012

Baer House, Vicksburg, Mississippi, April 2023

Black Moon Manor, Greenfield, IN  Nov 2011

Bowen Building, Illinois Asylum for the Incurably Insane,

Castle House,  Brumley, Missouri  July 2015

Dauphine Orleans Hotel, New Orleans, Louisiana April 2023

Dr.Ugs, Virginia, Illinois  May 2022

Elijah Iles Home, Springfield, IL  Jan 2012

Farnsworth House Inn, Gettysburg, PA  July 2015

Farrar School, Farrar Iowa, June 2019

Goodsprings, Nevada  June 2015

Green County Almshouse, Jan 2011 and May 2014

Guyer Opera House, Lewisville, IN  June 2016

Hales Bar Dam,  Guild, TN  July 2016

Hannibal Church, Hannibal MO  April 2016

Hartford City, Blackford County Jail, Hartford City, IN June 2015

Hartford City Speakeasy, Hartford City, IN  June 2015

Haunted Louisiana, June 2020

Illinois Capital Building, Springfield, IL  Oct 2013

Indiana State Sanatorium, Rockville, IN  Oct 2022

Iris & Ivy Boutique, Springfield, IL  Feb 2013

Eldred House, Eldred Illinois  May 2011

Farrar School, Farrar, Iowa  July 2019

Lemp Mansion, Saint Louis, MO  Apr 2011

Lula Belle's B&B, Hannibal, MO  Apr 2013

Macoupin County Courthouse and Jail, Macoupin, IL  Nov 2010

Maeystown Illinois, March 2017

Malvern Manor, Malvern, IA Aug 2020

Mineral Springs Hotel, Dec 2019

Monroe House, Hartford City, IN  July, 2017

Morse Mill Hotel, Morse Mill, MO  June 2011

Norb Andy's Tabarin, Springfield, IL  Feb 2012

Old Bridge Inn, Jefferson, IN  July 2011

Old Savior Rectory, Jacksonville, IL  Feb 2011

Original Springs Hotel, Okawville, IL  Mar 2011

Original Springs Hotel, Okawville, IL  (Part 2) Mar 2012

Original Springs Hotel, Okawville, IL Revisited April 2014 

Original Springs Hotel, Okawville, IL Room 328 Mar 2015

Original Springs Hotel, Okawville, IL New Years 2016

Phoenix Center, Springfield, IL  June 2014

Phoenix Center, Springfield, IL  April 2015

Pollak Hospital, Bartonville, IL  April 2014

Private Residence, Athens, IL February 2016

Private Residence, Pekin, IL  May 2014

Private Residence, Springfield, IL  July 2012

Private Residence, Springfield, IL  Sept 2013

Private Residence, Saint Charles, MO, On-going

R Theater, Auburn, IL  August 2018

Revenant Acres Farm,  Charlottesville, IN  June 2016

Rippon B&B, Springfield, IL  Sept 2012

Roads Hotel, Atlanta, IN  July 2017

The Roost, Springfield, IL  March 2016

Rossville Haunted Opera House, Rossville, IL  Nov 2014

Ruebel Hotel, Grafton, IL  Apr 2012

Ruebel Hotel, Grafton, IL  (Part 2) Mar 2013

Springfield High School, Springfield, IL  Nov 2012

Story Inn, Story, IN July 2011

Story Inn, Story, IN (Part 2) July 2013

Theater Guild, Jacksonville, IL  July 2011

Thornhaven Manor, New Castle, IN  July 2014

Villa Katherine, Quincy, IL  Nov. 2021

Villisca Ax Murder House, Villisca, IA  July 2020

Vinegar Hill Mall, Springfield, IL  Feb 2012

Virgil Hickox Home, Springfield, IL  Aug 2011

Virgil Hickox Home, Springfield, IL (Part 2) Sept. 2011 

Virgil Hickox Home, Springfield, IL (Return) April. 2017

Waverly Hills Sanitarium, Louisville, Kentucky  June 2017

Windyville Missouri, June 2011

Windyville Missouri, July 2015

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