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Farrar School, Farrar, Iowa  July 2019

Investigators: Dave, Trish, Jim and Vicki

Weather: Clear summer evening, not overly warm

Farrar School Restoration Project


A few years ago Dave attended a Para-Con event held at the Farrar school in Iowa. He was so impressed with the site that he wanted to return with the CAPS team. As a school teacher, Dave was in his element, unlike me, a former student who couldn’t wait to graduate. Pretty sure I am not alone, but I still have reoccurring nightmares about being back in school…shudder!!! In spite of this, I finally relented and set up the investigation.

Upon our arrival, we were met by the welcoming owner, Nancy. The building was dedicated on April 1, 1922, (no fooling) and sadly closed its doors 80 years later. After sitting vacant for several years, Nancy and her husband Jim Oliver purchased the building.

As far as the paranormal activity, there have been numerous reports of shadow people, various disembodied voices and Nancy herself witnessed the apparition of a young boy on the staircase near the gym. Fortunately, they decided they would open it up for those interested in the paranormal.

After Nancy had finished briefing us on the school hotspots, tech guy Jim and I ascended the staircases to set up video cameras on the second and third floor. As we….well Jim… were finishing up on the upper level, a female scream echoed throughout the building. I thought it might have been Trish; however she doesn’t normally do that unless it’s a mouse situation.

A few minutes later Trish joined us and mentioned she too heard a scream and thought it was me. We were stunned to learn that it was neither of us! I couldn’t help but wonder if that scream was a residual, perhaps some frustrated teacher or parent responding to a report card… much like the ones I brought home. Hopefully nothing more sinister….

While sitting in certain rooms, such as Mrs. Martin’s room on the 2nd floor and the kitchen located on the first floor we heard noises from time to time. Also in the Martin room, Trish saw a strange round blue and white light and had the Rem-Pod go off a couple of times indicating a temperature change had occurred.

In Room 304, Jim and I observed some unexplained lights. We certainly saw obvious car lights, but at one point we saw some very strange ones, very lacy looking and not sure what caused it. We went across to the auditorium and also came across some odd lighting. While we were in Room 307, Jim was sure he had heard the others coming up the stairs, but surprisingly nobody was there; Dave and Trish were busy on the lower levels investigation the gym and Kitchen area.

While Dave and Trish climbed to the 3rd floor and Jim went outside for some fresh air, I decided to sit in the gym and listen quietly. I noticed a rock on one of the chairs that was sitting in the middle of the gymnasium. It seemed odd to place a rock in the chair but perhaps someone thought it would be a funny prank. After a few minutes we all regrouped in the auditorium, and I laughingly mentioned the rock stunt on the chair. Dave was very shocked to hear that because they had just been there and he’d actually sat in that chair….no rock then! He then proceeded to tell an odd story.

Trish was using the dowsing rods trying to communicate with spirits when they both heard a very loud noise that was right next to him. He looked down and found of a small button battery next to his feet. However, we do not have any equipment that uses that size, so he had no idea where it came from? During all this commotion, the name Mandy popped up on the Ovilus.

It was just before 3am when I was up on the 3rd floor in Room 307 with our Tech guy, Jim. He announced how impressive it would be if his K2 meter would finally go off, especially since there was no power in that area. I also let the spirit (or spirits) know that I had a couple of small toys that I was willing to leave if they could show us something. The K2 blinked weakly a couple of times then stopped. We decided to cross the hallway, beckoning the unseen entity to come with us. In the auditorium, the meter became even more responsive, actually making it into the red. That was enough prompting for me to leave the toys, so I set them on the edge of the stage.

As Jim and I left, the K2 started going crazy again as we entered the hallway. We asked if it wanted us to go somewhere, and it seemed to lead us down the hallway and through the stage door entrance. It then led us back stage behind a large screen. To my astonishment there was a children’s play area, including a small table covered with toys! After more questions, it seemed clear to me what I needed to do. I went back to get the toys and placed them on the kids table. I have to say, that K2 session was the most responsive interaction I have ever encountered!

In the meantime, Dave and Trish were in the gym having their own excitement! Apparently earlier in the evening they were both able to make several baskets in a row, but now they couldn’t seem to hit the broad side of a barn! Dave had placed the Rem-Pod on the floor, and it started going off like crazy! After a few minutes it finally calmed down.

As they were getting ready to leave, Dave placed the basketball on the free throw line. Trish was standing by the exit when she was overcome by an intense cold chill and a feeling that she should turn around. To her astonishment, the ball was now next to the chair, the same area with the rock and mystery battery, at least 18 feet from the free throw line!

It was around 3:30 when we decided it was dismissal time. It definitely wasn’t a standard textbook investigation, and if I am ever given another opportunity to return to this particular school… that would be a dream come true!


While everyone was taking a break, I was in the gymnasium and found that odd rock in the chair.  I took two pictures back-to-back that had a very interesting shadow that looks like it's hiding in the doorway.  


The auditorium located on the third floor.


Farrar School House is a very charming old school. 


Taken in Mrs Martin room located on the second floor during our initial walkthrough. Likely a matrix caused by the window and trees, but forms an interesting shape! I see a ghost racoon! lol

One of those pictures that would require a return visit to try to recreate it!


Hallways of the school are eerie, even in the light of day!

This is the stage in the auditorium. We were later led behind the screen, using the K2 meter to communicate, and found the children's play area.

Battery DropCAPS
00:00 / 00:16

While Dave and Trish were sitting in the middle of the Gym, they had heard a loud sound. It turned out to be a battery that seem to come out of nowhere!

Very NiceCAPS
00:00 / 00:15

The background noise is Vicki getting her equipment ready to investigate. She was alone in the breakroom at the time and kept the recorder running. Around the 2 second mark you can hear a faint voice. Then around six seconds a full on voice singing a song! We think a female child " pretty nice" or "very nice".

Richard, GymCAPS
00:00 / 00:05

This EVP was captured in the Gym while Dave and Trish were investigating. Listen closely around the 2 second mark a male voice sounds like he is saying "Richard".

Warren's Here, Room 101CAPS
00:00 / 00:10

Another EVP that was from the breakroom at another time sounds like a male voice saying around the 4 second mark "Warren's here" or "no one's here"

Tough Male#1CAPS
00:00 / 00:07

While Jim, Dave and Trish were outside taking a break and talking about teeth, a male voice interacts with them saying between the 2/3 second mark "tough..."? This was from Jim's recorder. Dave had his running at the same time, so that is posted as well to compare.

The ScreamCAPS
00:00 / 00:14

The scream we heard while setting up the video cameras earlier in the evening.

Tough Guy#2CAPS
00:00 / 00:08

This was garnered from Dave's recorder while they were on break outside the building. The male voice interjects his oppinion on the conversation around the 3 second mark saying "tough...."

Here it Goes, LibraryCAPS
00:00 / 00:08

This was taken during the time Dave and Trish were in the library A male voice around 3 seconds says "Here it goes..".

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