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Lemp Mansion, Saint Louis Missouri. April 2011

Investigation team:  David, Trish, Zach, and Vicki
Weather conditions that night rainy, which progressively turned into severe thunderstorms by morning. Outdoor temperatures were mild.


The week prior to this overnight, David, Zach and I had gone on the Lemp Paranormal Tours that are held every other Thursdays.  During that tour, the three of us were put with two other young ladies.  It worked out very nicely for us!   At the start of the tour, they show a video on the main floor. During this time I elected to stand and while doing so, felt like my purse was being tugged.  Later during the tour one of the females placed in our group also felt her purse being tugged while we were on the 3rd floor. It should be duly noted that I had, in fact, not told them of my experience.
While in the William Lemp room on the 2nd floor, Zach and I both experienced a strong fragrant, pleasant aroma of cologne or perfume that completely vanished within seconds.   David never smelled it on the other side of the room and it dissipated before he joined us.
We collected some potential EVPS at that time, but with so many people roaming around the mansion we had to take that into consideration during our review of the evidence.  However, we captured enough that made us want to return for further investigation.  We had a fantastic time during that tour. I would recommend it to anyone. 
On to the April 21st overnight this consisted of David, Trish and me.  We rented a room on the top floor of the mansion.  Some refer to this as the Attic area; others refer to it as the 3rd floor.  We were in the Louis Room. The purported most haunted room was located down the hall from us, next to the staircase called the Elsa Room.  I have yet to discover why it is claimed to be the "most haunted" room, compared to the rest of the place.  The only other room on that floor is called the Frederick Room. It should be mentioned that there is an ice machine. (located near Elsa's room) also a soda vending machine, (located outside the Louis Room).  It is important to note these things because of the "noise" factor they can cause.
They told us that those that rented a room are given free access to the entire mansion with the exception of the bar area (after they close), or the bedrooms occupied by other paying guests.  Fortunately for us, they did not have staff on duty that night...guests were on their own!!! Because there was no one else on the 3rd floor, we had it all to ourselves.  All of the 2nd floor rooms were taken that evening, so we had to stay away from that particular section of the mansion as much as possible.   The 2nd floor guests did not seem to be avid ghost hunters like ourselves.  We only came upon them once later that evening looking around at the 3rd floor rooms.  They did not linger when they saw us to our knowledge.  We scared them off, I guess!
Since the bar area was restricted after hours, we decided to start there while it was open and enjoy some liquid refreshments.   David put on his ghost tracker (an app on his phone).  To our amazement the names Charles and William popped up, the names of the two gentlemen that are said to haunt this location.
We eventually made our way back up to the 3rd floor.  As we reached the end of the hallway, near the Louis Room, we heard what sounded like a set of wine glasses being clinked together.  All the 3rd floor rooms did have glasses for the guests, but since we were the only inhabitants on the floor and we certainly were not doing a toast at the time!  This "Toast" was captured on one of our recordings.
About midnight, we gathered our gear and proceeded to the main floor, then into the basement where we captured some great EVPs!  One being an instrument playing a tune that at the time none of us heard. 
We definitely heard some disembodied voices throughout the night.  Mainly by the 3rd floor staircase, near the Elsa Room, only some of which we were able to capture on our digital recorders.  We placed flash lights on the floor and I was intrigued by the number of times that the light would fade like the batteries were nearly drained, only for them to suddenly become strong beacons again.  We didn't capture anything on video or photographically. 
I was able to stay awake the whole night and did hear several loud noises that seemed to come from the hallway, although I believe they may have been caused by the ice or soda machine.
Around 5am the others had stirred and I went with Trish to investigate the 3rd floor hall.   As we were passing the Elsa Room, Trish noticed the curtains were moving!  After we approached the window, I felt a draft and thought it might be from the storm picking up outside, but Trish felt a breeze from behind her and turned to discover it was caused by a fan that was running on the vanity.  We had been in that room 2 hours prior, and that fan was not running!  Interesting!  I felt the Elsa Room was one of the coldest rooms in the mansion; bone chilling cold!!!   I certainly can't imagine anyone would think that fan was a necessity that night!
We absolutely loved the place and definitely look forward to returning for another investigation.  Hopefully we will be able to investigate the 2nd floor more next time.

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Listen for the instrument this was taken in the basement area. 

Love thatCAPS
00:00 / 00:02

"love that" female voice, third floor, the Elsa Room.

Is this Really OnCAPS
00:00 / 00:02

"Is this really on" female voice captured on third floor.

Leave You ThereCAPS
00:00 / 00:02

"I'll leave you there" Child, voice captured as we were getting into the car to leave Lemp.

Like PeopleCAPS
00:00 / 00:02

Do you like people, child speaking around 3 seconds.

Conversation at LempCAPS
00:00 / 00:06

 Wow, we did not hear any of this in our room until reviewing evidence. We were the only ones at Lemp during this time. Sounds like female saying something like "My body hurts" then a freaky sounding cow bell. Afterwards it sounds like a male voice responds twice. "What happened" and "How did that happen?".

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