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Return to New Orleans, April 2023

Investigators: Dave, Jody, Jim and Vicki

Weather: very nice and plenty warm enough for shorts wearing!


My first visit to New Orleans was in June 2020. Although we had plans to stay at Dauphine Orleans, it was closed due to the pesky pandemic. We ended up staying at the Jung Hotel where we had quite a few personal experiences. During that stay, a freakishly heavy downpour occurred a couple of days after tropical storm Gustaf and the city pumps in the area failed, flooding all our vehicles and totaling our one-year-old Equinox. Besides losing our car, the entire team suffered many strange events for several months after that trip.  I had come to believe that something had perhaps beset us.

 Since Dave had been unable to go on the last trip, he asked if Jim and I wanted to meet him and Jody there. Although a bit concerned, I also had hopes of perhaps lifting that curse (be it real or all in my head). I thought it was a great opportunity to take our replacement Equinox on a road trip, test the waters so to speak, as long as they didn’t rise too high…again.

It was a very different atmosphere from our last visit.  With restrictions lifted, people were again gathering and celebrating, and you could feel their eagerness to get back to normal, (well, New Orlean’s normal).

It was a wonderful stay at the Dauphine Orleans hotel. Jody and Dave chose to stay in one of the rooms located in the main hotel. Jody heard a female voice while alone in their room.  Dave had an empty snack bag by the bed, but by morning, it had somehow ended up next to the sofa located several feet away. They had several pieces of paranormal equipment going in the room that suffered multiple issues. Dave also experienced hearing a male voice while outside the hotel…there was not a single soul around.

Jim and I stayed in one of the Carriage house rooms. As I was busy organizing our toiletries, I had just placed a hand towel next to the sink. When I turned back, I saw something lying on top. It was a shiny small screw. I looked all over for where it could have come from but it was to no avail, it just seemed to appear out of thin air!

I also found a long white strand of thread on my shirt. I picked it off and threw it away, no big deal. A short time later, I found another strand on me.  A few minutes later I did find a small pile on the floor of the bedroom, quite odd considering I had walked through there many times, and it was an absolutely clean floor! I may not claim the title of ghost magnet, but by golly I must be a thread magnet!

 It was a fantastic vacation, despite all the equipment issues, and felt pretty good that after leaving New Orleans, we weren’t under a curse.  Sadly, only a few weeks after our return, Jim and I were involved in a hit and run accident and our new Equinox was again deemed totaled by the insurance company.  So, that’s where we are, is it a New Orleans or an Equinox curse? Needless to say, we will not be getting another Equinox, and we’ll be sure to know when we return from our next trip to New Orleans.


Night time shot outside of the hotel.


The appearing screw?!?


Courtyard of the Hotel, by the carriage house


One, (of the many) threads


New Orleans Skyline...  

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