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Borromeo Cemetery, Saint Charles, Missouri

Investigators: Dave, Trish, Mark, Vicki

Fall 2011

Considering its history, is it any wonder why some of the deceased in this beautiful cemetery are restless?Borromeo Cemetery was originally located next to Borromeo Church just off of Main Street in the oldest historic district of Saint Charles.  In 1831, the church and cemetery moved about ten blocks north of this original location.  (Although the original wooden church has long since disappeared, a reconstruction has been built).  But that isn't the end of their saga.  In 1854, the church decided to move the cemetery again, this time to its current location just off West Randolph Street, a little over mile away. Historic Main Street has always had a reputation for being haunted, and because of some recent construction, a disturbing discovery was made.  Evidently, someone neglected to move some of the bodies that were buried in the original Borromeo Cemetery; in fact it is unknown exactly how many were left.  There are those who now also speculate that the same may have happened when Borromeo Cemetery was moved that second time too.It was an extremely cold and windy December day when CAPS went to the "current" Borromeo Cemetery in order to pay our respects and investigate for the first time.  Although our recordings were tainted by the sound of the wind and crunching leaves, we garnered some very impressive EVPs for the brief time we were there.  Based on those results we decided to make another trip later that month.  This time there was snow on the ground.  Once again we were taken aback by the EVPs collected.  One in particular is the "Kilridge" EVP.  The story behind this EVP began as a CAPS running joke.  On one of the recordings from our original investigation, I swore I heard that name "Kilridge" (which is better than the initial "kill them!")  During our second investigation, as a joke, Dave was taking a picture and instead of asking us to say "cheese" he said "Say Kilridge".  Mark and I laughed then responded as asked.  When we listened back to the recordings, we were surprised when what should have only been 2 voices saying "Kilridge" there was a third!  This third voice was only captured on one of the recorders we were running at the time.We have returned to this location, when the weather was more agreeable, and have had continued success in capturing specific names.  Regrettably, the church did not keep good records, so we have had to seek alternative avenues to research these names.All that is left to say is, "Doyle, we will keep searching for you!"

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