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Old Bridge Inn, Jeffersonville, Indiana  July 2011

Investigators: David Roberts and Trish Austin

Weather- Hot, Hot, Hot, Humid, Humid, Humid, and clear.

Daytime temps 100, evening low 80's and humid!


As part of a haunted Bed and Breakfast weekend, Trish and I drove an hour and a half from the Story Indiana to the Old Bridge Inn located in Jeffersonville, Indiana; a quaint little hamlet located directly across the river from Louisville Ky.
The innkeeper, Linda Williams, greeted us around 2pm and gave us the rundown on the building and rules. Her website gives a great history of the place and area, including a link about the Underground Railroad. We had never stayed at a true B and B like this one, where we were told to be in the dining room promptly at 9AM for her home-cooked breakfast! Linda turned out to be a very kind, interesting person after we got over our initial reservations. We had a wonderful time and she was very open about the paranormal activity and her experiences in the building. She does not use the haunting as a way to drum up business, but does not discourage it either.

She told us that two psychics claimed that a man sits in the corner of the dining room, greeting people that come in to the home. It was once a funeral parlor so that makes sense. This sounded like it might be a residual haunting, if it was in fact true. However, when I did an EVP session in that very corner, I asked for a name and received a response that sounded like "Martin". If that is the case it would indicate he is an intelligent haunting. During the night I captured another EVP in our room that I believe says "Grandma". You can be the judge since I have included both at the bottom of this report.
Later that evening we met a very nice couple from Indianapolis and struck up an immediate friendship. She is a nurse in a correctional facility in Indianapolis, and as it turns out, possibly a gifted medium. She sensed many interesting things about the place and took notes on what she was feeling, such as a little boy with a basket, and a pet. Her senses were confirmed by the owner the following morning after that delicious breakfast.
The nurse/medium also told us a fascinating story about her recent interactions with a spirit of a girl who has been missing for 7 years named Molly Datillo. Amazing things we heard, but that's another story for another time.

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"Martin" at 5 secs...then another EVP after I thank him for greeting folks. 

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At around 4 seconds, no one was in the room at the time...

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