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Revenant Acres Farm, Charlottesville, Indiana  June 2016

Investigators:  Dave, Trish, and Vicki

Weather mild to start, then storms rolled in...


Summer wouldn’t be complete without a trip to our sister state of Indiana. Over the years CAPS has spent many warm summer nights investigating places like the Blackford County Jail, Thornhaven Manor, Story Inn, and Black Moon Manor. Night one of our 2016 Indiana paranormal doubleheader took us to an old farmhouse just northeast of Indianapolis, now called Revenant Acres. Very little is known of the history other than it was built sometime in the 1800’s; all else was a little bit sketchy.

During the short drive from our New Castle hotel, we were led awry by our GPS which took us right past the house. I bring this up because as we drove by I made a comment “ Wow, look at that house, I would love to get in there!” Wish granted as it turned out to be the very location we were seeking.

Upon arrival we were greeted by our friendly hostess and given a quick tour (it is a very small house) and were given details of paranormal activity that had been previously experienced by investigators. The main story we were told was of a possession that she and others had witnessed which included the individual hanging upside down from the top of the staircase. Interestingly we had found a video of an “alleged” possession by a culprit being calling itself “seven”. We take such stories and videos with a grain of salt, but I will admit that it was chilling when our Ovilus actually spoke the word “7” later that evening, followed by the word “disaster”. It sent major chills through me!

Around 8:30 PM we got the investigation going in earnest and as we were setting up we heard a loud knocking in the kitchen. We thought perhaps the owners were coming back but we found no intruders, at least not earthly ones!

I stayed on the first floor while Trish and Vicki started upstairs. While alone, I heard a whisper in the doorway of the downstairs bedroom. I did not find it particularly soothing that Boo Buddy was lighting up simultaneously! A few minutes later, after retreating from the upstairs area, Vicki heard a male voice near the Front Room.

We decided to sit in the middle downstairs room and do an EVP/Ovilus session. Right away Trish felt chilled. As it was extremely hot and muggy, Vicki stated she wished she could feel it. Almost immediately she felt a chill down her arm. She was appreciative… Shortly after this is when the Ovilus went into overdrive. In rapid succession it said “Bury…Observe…Resent…7…Disaster”. It was a very creepy experience to say the least.

We soon heard a mysterious jiggling noise of which we could not locate the source nor duplicate. We found ourselves having difficulty breathing for a few moments and not long after I again heard a whispering male voice. Things were hopping at this point, as we then heard a car pull up in the driveway just to discover we were still alone.

We went back to the upstairs area even though the heat was stifling and sat at the top of the staircase landing/loft area. Vicki and Trish were hearing the sound of movement in close proximity to where they were seated, sounding like creaking and knocking. Despite the heat Trish was getting chills and goose bumps on her legs and as Vicki was looking at her in the total darkness she could see Trish as though she was had a faint glow. As Vicki was telling her about it, Trish started to get very warm and then I felt the same. I then heard some creaking noises by where I was sitting and felt a sort of heaviness. Trish’s camera which was sitting on the floor near me began acting strangely turning itself on and off a couple of times. We took a quick break outside before continuing investigations.

In the front room we heard a loud knocking and Vicki reported a strange creepy feeling settled in on her. She decided to snap some pictures but her flash refused to cooperate. She then heard a growly animal sound. Showing her grit, (or perhaps folly), Vicki stayed alone in the house as Trish and I went out for a moment to cool off.

Around 2am Vicki and I heard a very loud noise on the first floor. I thought she had dropped something on the wood floor and she thought I had done something similar. While searching I walked into the small bedroom near the kitchen and found that my IR flood light chord had been pulled out of the socket and flung half way across the room! It is one of those chords with an extremely large heavy plug-in. The chord was lying in a perfectly straight line. We were able to recreate the sound but it was impossible for us to recreate how it landed and the way it was stretched out. I had just been in the room to check the camera so can confirm it was all plugged in and operational.

Around 2:30 Vicki got extremely ill. Vicki would normally never want to leave so early unless it was serious. Trish and I got everything packed up and by the time we made the short trip back to the hotel, Vick was feeling much better…

In retrospect, I think it was good we didn’t stay too much longer, perhaps the house had enough of CAPS for one night. Besides it gave us an opportunity to get a little sleep before we cleared off all our files in preparation for the second night of our 2016 Indiana paranormal doubleheader.


Revenant Acres Farm in the daylight, pretty creepy!


Another daylight shot of the house, still pretty creepy at this angle!


View of the house from the barn.


Back of the house, still creepy!


An old barn located behind the house.


Front room of  Revenant Acres Farm.

David, UpstairsCAPS
00:00 / 00:15

About 9 seconds in, a male voice seems to say "Dave". This was on the second floor.

Loud Cord, Side RoomCAPS
00:00 / 00:10

This clip is the loud sound the cord made when it had mysteriously became unplugged from the wall?

Male Dave HeardCAPS
00:00 / 00:08

At the beginning of this clip is a male voice that Dave heard on the second floor.

Don't, Spirit BoxCAPS
00:00 / 00:10

This clip is from a spirit box session. A male voice forcefully says "Don't" and perhaps "hit me" at the end.

Ovilus, Middle RoomCAPS
00:00 / 00:22

We were told by our hostess that the number "7" was often captured on Spirit Boxes and Ovilus.  We were quite surprised when we could corroborate.

Who's That. UpstairsCAPS
00:00 / 00:11

About 6 seconds into the clip a male voice seems to respond to Vicki's comment.

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