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Return to Ruebel Hotel, Grafton, Illinois  March 2013

Investigators:  Dave, Trish and Vicki

Weather:  Cold with moments of sleet and rain


As I stepped into this historic building, I was immediately taken back to the 1980's thanks to the Ms. Pacman arcade machine. Those were the days, when I was being chased by ghosts, and now I'm doing the chasing!
As I strolled towards the staircase, I was thrown further back in time. Oh how grand it must have been when it was built in the 1880's. My mind could just imagine the ladies and gents dressed in all their finery, but more than likely the lobby was filled with dusty, disheveled, weary travelers. It made sense to me that people would report seeing the little house spirit Abigail lingering on that staircase, the grandest place to be seen by all the arriving guests.
We were fortunate to be the only registered guests on the second floor, the Eagle room, #19. In fact the only other lodgers would be on the first floor. After we made our way to our room however, Trish and I heard what sounded like running water and footsteps coming from the room next to us.
As we enjoyed a leisurely dinner in their restaurant, a member of the staff, April confirmed we were the only occupants on the second floor, but was eager to relate her own ghostly encounters and those related to her by previous overnight guests. She was aware that the owners, Mo and Kathy, had kindly granted us permission to investigate the premises, giving us approval to enter the rooms that were professed to have the most recent activity. Based on the reports, our main efforts would focus on rooms 3, 11 and 19. As with all paranormal investigations however, what you may plan, doesn't always turn out to be what happens.
I decided to begin in room 11, where Abigail has also been seen. When Trish arrived she noticed that her flashlight turned on while in her pocket. When she pulled it out, it suddenly stopped working, in spite of the new batteries. She got goose bumps at the same time as the batteries drained. We placed the K2 meter on the edge of the bed and it began flickering, responding to Trish's questions.
It was about this time that Dave noticed the light in room #15 was on but the door was locked. When he poked his head through the doorway to tell us, our meters went off in unison. I joked to him that someone must have come in with him. As he started to leave, we told the spirit to follow him. Once again both detectors went off as if that was indeed their intention.
Later that night, Trish tried the door to room #15 again and almost jumped out of her shoes when it opened. With some trepidation, we entered the room. After finding no one there, we turned off the light and spent some quiet moments of investigation.
Around midnight we were all in the seating area on the second floor and Dave kept hearing noises that seemed to be emanating from one of the hallways. We also thought we heard what sounded like a squealing child. Dave followed the sound and discovered that for some reason, the radio was on in our room, #19. That prompted us to do a Spirit Box session.
After a few more hours of investigations we decided to retire to our room. When Trish reached to turn on the ceiling fan for Dave she suddenly gasp "Oh my god!" Right in front of her, inches from her face, she said she saw a dark slender shadowy figure. She was shaken by the experience, as anyone in that scenario would have been.
Prompted by Trish's shadow experience, I left my audio recorder running. We kept hearing noises coming from the corner area near the desk. These noises were captured on my recorder and indeed some voices. As daylight broke, we awoke to discover a mess on the desktop in that corner. Some brownish liquid had been spilled, even though there was no evidence of an overturned container.
When all is said and done, I thoroughly enjoyed my time at Ruebel. The owners Mo and Kathy have done a remarkable job with this establishment. I find myself looking forward to a return visit with perhaps the chance to challenge Ms Pacman and her ghosts! That's right Pinky, Blinky, Inky and Clyde...I'm coming after you!

Meter, Room 11CAPS
00:00 / 00:17

Room 11 when Dave was leaving the room you can hear our meters.

00:00 / 00:05

This one was on a recorder left in the hallway..."Cora", (or corn)?

I Could Make HerCAPS
00:00 / 00:10

Trish says she is freezing and a female voice says " I could make her...?"

Heck No, Room 19CAPS
00:00 / 00:05

Asking a question in Room 19, response "Heck No".

Warren, Room 19CAPS
00:00 / 00:11

Talking while recorders ran throughout the night while we were sleeping. "Warren"?

Get Up, Room 19CAPS
00:00 / 00:06

Another voice in the night "Get up."

Female, Room 15CAPS
00:00 / 00:07

A female voice from room 15. Also a second voice, perhaps male, is very softly spoken just after the female.

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