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Villa Katherine, Quincy, Illinois  November 2021

Date: November 13, 2021

Time: 6:30pm -12:15am

Investigators: David, Jody, Jim, and Vicki

Weather was pretty darn chilly!!!


Several years ago, I had placed Villa Katherine on what has become my overflowing bucket list of paranormal places to visit. I was ecstatic to learn of the opportunity to fulfill that wish thanks to our friend, Loren Hamilton. The Quincy parks district, who owns the Villa, had given him permission to book private groups for investigations.

This beautiful Moorish style Villa was built on a bluff overlooking the Mississippi river in 1900. The building was commissioned by George Metz, a man of wealth and said to be a bit of an eccentric personality and a lifelong bachelor. The reason for the name of the Villa being called Katherine is really anyone’s guess. Rumors abound that it was named for an unrequited love for a lady named Katherine. However, we all know how gossip tends to not always be accurate and as there has also been an ongoing debate concerning his preference(s). There is no question that his greatest love was for his dog named Bingo, a Great Dane from Denmark that weighed over 200lbs. He fell into a deep depression over the loss of his beloved pet and because of worries over his health conditions, George was convinced to sell the home after living there for 12 years. It changed hands many times and fell into disrepair until it was rescued around 1978 by a group of women who leased the building from the Quincy Park District and proceeded on its restoration’s efforts. It is now listed on the National Historic Register.

There have been many reports throughout the years of a phantom dog barking and the clicking sound of animal feet walking across the floor. Many believe that it is Bingo and his master that still roam the halls. Mediums have also identified a little girl named Sarah running around the building and a mean-spirited woman that seems to prefer meandering in the basement. People have often smelled the aroma of cigars or a pipe in several areas.

We were greeted by our host Loren upon our 6:30pm arrival. A Villa volunteer named Donna gave us a detailed background story of the location. After the history and stories session, Loren gave us a tour of the home. The centerpiece jewel is the reflecting pool located in the mid-section of the first floor. Although it was not filled with water, that did not stop me from imagining Bingo the dog playfully frolicking in it and then leaving wet paw prints all over the mosaic tile floor!

We utilized the kitchen as our command center. While Jim and I were gathering the necessary equipment, we heard a distinct sound of walking. I was quite sure there was a hallway adjoining where the sound was coming from and convinced, we were going to see someone appear at any moment. I decided I should greet whoever was there. However, before I reached my destination, we heard a very loud noise in the back of the room. After that brief distraction, and unable to figure out the source of the sound, I then walked around the kitchen counter partition. I was shocked there was not a hallway, just a dead end and nobody was there…

After getting the video cameras set up and doing a sweep of the building with the K2 meter, we paired off. Jim and I were upstairs, while Jody and Dave stayed downstairs. In a parlor room located at the front of the house, Jody heard a dog barking and some melodic music playing. They were unable to find an explanation.

Later that evening I felt a playful pinch on the side of my wrist while I was alone in the back parlor room. Shortly afterwards I was joined by Jody, and she related to me that earlier in the evening she felt her leg being grabbed near the entrance of the home. We kept seeing strange shadows on the wall. Sometimes it looked like a head, sometimes a hand. When David joined us, as he was walking across the room, the camera that he was carrying had the shutter going off and on several times without him touching any buttons. Immediately after that, the K2 meter that Jody was holding lit up. Then Jim entered the room, and his K2 did some flickering. He remarked that the meter had not gone off in that area earlier during his sweep.

We went down to the basement, hoping to make contact with the bad-tempered lady. Dave saw a mysterious flash of light and caught a strong whiff of ashes. Oddly enough, I also encountered a strong odorous ash scent in the kitchen later in the evening.

We ended up moving to a room upstairs that we nicknamed the Eagle room due to the giant plush Eagle sitting in there. I honestly believe it was the most active area of the night. At one point we heard a disembodied female voice whispering. I’m pretty sure she says, “Bet that was fun.” But you can listen to the clip and judge for yourself!

Jody jokingly said that she didn’t believe anything was there. Immediately the Ovilus said the word “hide” followed by Jody’s K2 meter lighting up and the rempod across the room alarming. Very rarely do we have several pieces of equipment responding in unison! Seemed as though someone on the other side was trying to prove Jody wrong!

On a humorous note, just as David had said that the room seem to calm down, the phone rang! Jump scare moment for sure!

We wrapped up the investigation shortly after midnight. As David was packing his equipment away, the K2 meter he had left sitting on the counter suddenly started to light up like crazy! I can’t help but wonder if they were jumping with joy that we were getting ready to leave?

The villa is certainly a unique piece of architecture to behold. It was great to mark off another site from my bucket list. I’d like to say that my list is getting shorter, however, I just keep adding to it! Next stop…. stay tuned!


The beautiful reflecting pool.


This room was the most active for us. We nicknamed it the Eagle room for obvious reasons! This room is located on the second floor. Upon reviewing multiple photos, this one we enhanced of a figure in the window. There were no other people in the room and I was snapping pictures from the doorway. There is a suggestion that this figure is wearing a hat....I was not wearing a hat.

00:00 / 00:06

This EVP was taken in the women's bathroom located in the basement. I was alone when this recording was taken. You can hear a male voice that may say "ahhhh" or "fuuuunnn" Either way, I am grateful to have heard this after we had left for the night!

Eagle Room - Get BackCAPS
00:00 / 00:13

This was captured in the "Eagle" room. A creepy male voice comes across about 3 seconds that sounds like "Get back" and again around 10 to 11 seconds it is either " let's tag her" or "lets attack her." As David aptly said, the voice sounds sinister.

Eagle Room - Female SingingCAPS
00:00 / 00:19

As we were sitting in the "Eagle" room, we all heard a female voice whispering "bet that was fun" around 2 seconds. At the end of this clip is the female singing again.

00:00 / 00:22

We were discussing the name "Tilde" that came up on the Ovilus in the front parlor. Between 11 to 12 seconds you can hear a creepy male voice as David is talking. 

Eagle Room - SingingCAPS
00:00 / 00:15

Captured this in the "Eagle" room. Around 3 seconds if you listen closely you can hear a melodic female voice. Around 9 seconds you can hear a female singing in the background as we are talking. 

Whisper and SingingCAPS
00:00 / 00:11

We had a second recorder running during the whisper "bet that was fun" and singing at the end of the clip. The voice sounds closer on this one, which was by the table in the back of the room. It also happens to be near the window with the reflection of the figure.

Eagle Room - HideCAPS
00:00 / 00:31

All heck broke loose after Jody jokingly says they're not real. As if to prove her wrong, the Ovilus says "hide" and the rempod and k2 meter goes off at the same time!

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