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Return to Windyville, Missouri  July 2015

Investigators: Trish, Vicki and Dave

Weather extremely warm


On this scorching July day in Missouri, Trish and I were thrilled to bring Vicki to this quaint, isolated little berg, about 90 minutes south-south west the Lake of the Ozarks. Like General Macarthur, after our trip four years ago I vowed “I shall return”, albeit with much less at stake and none of our brave soldier’s heroism…Windyville 2011

As we neared our destination, the first thing we noticed was the lack of a Windyville sign. We checked out every approach to this once thriving village and to our chagrin not a single sign stood, likely the victim of souvenir hunters.

We parked in front of the famous General Store landmark and sadly found that it was no longer occupied, as it had been in 2011. The old Cannery in the back of the store is hardly noticeable anymore, shrouded by the years of vegetation that have overtaken it. Several empty, houses and businesses, still stand near the 4 way stop that once housed 4 General Stores. There appeared to be more unoccupied buildings than occupied. Interestingly Vicki noticed one house, just off the highway, which would have seemed abandoned for decades were it not for the satellite dish on top of the house. We took several pictures in town, did our obligatory EVP sessions, and took some EMF readings, coming up empty in that regard.

We left Main Street and drove a couple of miles west stopping at Cry Baby Bridge where we hoped to do some recording. As fate would have it some people were swimming in the creek below the bridge rendering our recordings unusable. We gave it another effort driving about a quarter of a mile down a lonely gravel road near the bridge that ran by the creek. The cool breeze through the lush foliage was as appreciated as the scenery

Our final stop was a visit to the Lone Rock Cemetery, home to a miniature church and tales of haunting past. On our last visit Trish and I had met the woman who lived next door, and told us of some strange happenings in her home. We took a few more pictures and after running our recorders for a few minutes, we left this town that no longer shows up on most maps!

It is most humbling to see how quickly time and circumstances can change a place; at essence turning a place with a haunted reputation into a virtual ghost town.


One of the very creepy dilapidated homes of Windyville.  


Isolated area near the Cry Baby Bridge of Windyville.


Entrance to Lone Rock Cemetery of Windyville

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A voice whispers "help" just before Trish says "He's crazy". this was captured by the Old General store.

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Here Goes AliceCAPS
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This clip seems to say " Here goes Alice". This was captured in an isolated area on the gravel road down from the Cry Baby Bridge.

A child's voice is heard on this clip while walking towards the cannery.

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